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Ontario member sound off

Brent H

Ultra Member
Dudes! I am still here - just busy as all get out.

House will probably go up for sale in March 2023. Tooling will be on the move - that is for sure. Just took a big load out to NB last 2 weeks, home yesterday.

Did big survey and measurements and hope to be adding a 40 x 50 addition to the existing building.

In the mean time - lets say we work on a plan for some spring time get together! I may not have the machines etc but space!

As was our last get together it was great to chat, exchange info, sell stuff and have some food and drink.

Once I am set in the new digs - Woo Hoo!!! We can plan a country wide event!!


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My brother is in Pickering, and unlike me he is nice friendly and sociable... He wants to start a local club that meet at each others shops, help each other out and work on group builds and that sort of thing.

We have a surface grinder, and Bridgeport, and now a yet to be operational Chipmaster Lathe and are looking for a used 1440 lathe...
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I'm in the most southwest town in Ontario. On the edge of the Detroit River and 3 miles north of the start of Lake Erie. Right at the end of the peninsula. (Near Windsor)