Ontario member sound off


Been looking around on the sight for couple months learned a lot so just wanted to see if and were the Ontario members are located because if we all get chatting there is chances we can spot deals in our back yard like the awesome people in Alberta have been doing so I will start very new to the hobby can't seem to get enough YouTube oh and by the way shout out to Everetts workshop shop tour was enlightening to see that we all don't need the biggest and the baddest machines to have fun . I'm located in the Bracebridge area

John Conroy

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I found this forum when it was advertised on Kijiji. If you want to attract more members in your area you could try something like that.


Well I will hope we get more members from Ontario but I guess I'll just hang around and listen to the members from the west lots of great advise and info


Well hello from Bracebridge were a distance apart but welcome aboard and as you scroll thru this group you will find a lot of help on a wide variety of topics


I'm also located in Oakville. I work as a Software Architect during the day, and amateur machinist by night. Not really sure what to expect from a meet-up, though it'd be nice to talk to others who won't roll their eyes every time I bring up machining in conversation. Probably why I have no friends :-D

Things I'd be interested in:
  • Learn from the pros. Reciprocate if I have anything to offer.
  • Trading tools/materials/equipment.
  • Possible collaboration projects? Never really tried that. Seems to be what Youtubers do to promote their channels, but perhaps others do it too. Might be fun.
  • Drink beer, bbq meat, complain about wives, and other man stuff.
And just a thought, but I'm always coming across stuff that could be interesting, if not for me, then for someone else. Knowing what others are looking for, group members could keep an eye out for stuff others collectively might be interested in. Like a machinist's network keeping an ear to the ground for rare deals we all hear about but never ourselves experience. You know, like the story of the one guy who bid $5 at an auction and walked away with three Bridgeports and pile of tooling because no one knew what the hell a Bridgeport is? Yeah, those kinds of deals.



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So...that makes Oakville the machining hotspot in Ontario..with 2 of us! ;)

I don't actually have room for a Bridgeport. But if you run across a solid bench top mill, I might be interested.


Marc Moreau

Marc Moreau
On our site Québec Paramoteur we have a map and the member's could put a pin point to show where they live . I realize it is not alway's the real location but a few kilometer away .but that give an idea.

Brent H

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That is good to know Marc! You are very close to several of my co-workers and there are some good Kijiji deals close to Ottawa and some good government sales - I will keep you posted!


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New member from KW area here. Retired General Machinist having learned the trade in the RCN ERA (Engineroom Articifer) program in the early 60's