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I am 78 retired, But have been doing research supported by myself since January 1980
I have come into a bind and need some serious help
Unfortunately I would like to say, something but , It is a request for help, It is self explanatory,
Who can I give what it is to display so you can comprehend if I can post this?
Hi there !
New to Calgary, 29 years in BC, now in Calgary about a year. Moved here to be closer to Family.
69 year old male, no formal training (other than High School machine shop), know just enough to be dangerous.
Had a lathe, mill, welders etc. for many years, built a lot of my own equipment (jigs, fixtures tools etc.) for a contracting business we owned for about 35 years. Retired for a few years now.
Still rebuilding Enterprise 1550. I have the transmission back together and had 4 great days to get the main body painted a dried, 3 colour changes. Ran some new wires through from front panel for a couple new switches. Had to stop for now to finish rebuild of my wife’s Jeep. She has been without for some time. Did motor, steering, brakes and some suspension. She got to drive it today in the snow. HWHL
Apprenticed at GM Transmission Plant in Windsor Ontario as a Tool and Die Maker
Worked as a machinist technician at the University of Calgary Science Workshop.
Retired in May of 2012.