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Good morning…. Any chance in your “clear out” that you might have any machine levelling feet? Just a shot in the dark. Thanks. Derek
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There were, but they went with the machines. Easy to make though.
WOO HOO - This Shift is OVER!! On the way home after 12pm and will update the Meet and Greet Tomorrow!!! (Gotta hug and kiss the machines first don't ya know!!) :p
Hello from Victoria

Amateur at the age of eighty, just finished building a tiny shop in a

7 by7 garden shed. Room for my Taig micro mill and lathe plus drill press, rotary

tool and metal saw. This forum looks like a great place to get some education.
Amateur @ 80 eh!

I'm mid 70s. One thing I've learned is that the more you know the more you know you don't know. That know-it-all confidence is mostly dried up @ 60 or so.

Guessing the amateur you claim to be has forgotten more than many younger machinists ever knew. Also betting you could teach me lots too cuz I've reached that magic point in life when I realized I really don't know squatt.

Welcome here.