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  1. Donald Mearns

    Machine CX 601 saga continues!

    So one can only imagine my excitement when the electrical box was returned and I picked it up from the post office this morning. Wired everything as required, the techs having idiot proofed the wiring with lots of labels. I also had my own pictures as well as an extensive collection of photos...
  2. Donald Mearns

    Hello from Pangnirtung, Nunavut.

    Hi, I’m Don, a hobby machinist in Pangnirtung Nunavut, retired and living here. Interests are just about anything, if I become fixated on it then I will do it. Main things are keeping an assortment of toys necessary for northern life going. Machining comes in handy as there isn’t a Napa or...
  3. Xyphota

    Diagnosing Noise in Bridgeport Series 1 J-Head in High Gear

    I was finally able to get around to wiring up a plug and run my mill for the first time, but there is a pretty good rattling coming out of the head when in high gear. The noise goes away in low gear. I took a short video to show the noise in action. My first guess as to the origin of the...
  4. Xyphota

    Kurt D675 Milling Vise - Fernie BC

    Could I get some thoughts on this vise? It looks like its got some mileage on it, and it is missing the jaw plates. Do you think $300 is reasonable...
  5. P

    Tormach PCNC440 CNC Mill - Calgary

    Hi guys, I have an almost BRAND NEW Tormach PCNC 440 for sale. Would prefer to have buyer pick up in Calgary, but will entertain shipping. Thanks for looking! 2021 Tormach PCNC 440 CNC Milling Machine - Basically BRAND NEW (about 20 hours cutting time) - Includes chip tray - Includes...
  6. Nesh559

    Syil x3 cmc mill questions

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with the syil x3 cnc mills? I have a line on one but I dont know that much about them. Are they any good? Also what do you think would be a fair price for one.
  7. Nesh559

    Looking for a mill. Thanks in advance:)

    Hey yall, I'm looking for a mill for my new home shop. Preferably a bench top style mill but hit me up with whatever you have for sale. I'm located in Bc but I'm willing to travel or ship the right unit across Canada. Thanks!
  8. Andrikj01

    Old Gorton milling machine

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows anything about this machine and could provide some information as I cannot find much online
  9. H

    Looking for benchtop milling machine

    Hello all, new to this site, and looking for a benchtop milling machine. I’m in Alberta. What machines would you recommend for small projects? Thanks in advance! Mike
  10. G

    Complete Newbie - need help!

    Hello everyone, Not sure where to start.... Basically, I know next to nothing about metal work. My primary interest stems from 'refinishing' golf clubs. This has largely consisted of machine sanding, media blasting etc so far. However, I am now interested in learning how to mill some things...
  11. J

    New Member in Cold Lake

    Glad to join a good local forum. I'm looking forward to chatting and sharing tips and tricks. My main interest is machining, but I'm into welding and blacksmithing too. Nice to meet you all!
  12. M

    Craftex CT089

    Hi Guys, I have the Craftex CT089 13x24" metal lathe from busy bee. Im having a few issues. Firstly, the tailstock doesn't seem to want to center properly. It has an adjustment on it to move it in our out, but the issue i have it that it kind of "twists" on the bed when you apply the cam...
  13. Tom Kitta

    Wanted milling vise (vice)

    Looking for a milling vise. In good condition. Kurt style. Ideal size would be 6'' but I consider 8'' as well. Doesn't need to have a swivel base. Not looking for anything made in China. Taiwan would be OK if price is right (say a Vertex brand). Mostly looking for a Kurt/ Toolmex (Bison...