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Syil x3 cmc mill questions


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Just wondering if anyone has any experience with the syil x3 cnc mills? I have a line on one but I dont know that much about them. Are they any good? Also what do you think would be a fair price for one.

Tom Kitta

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Price depends on condition - hard to say otherwise. These are small hobby CNC machines - desktop sized CNC. They are good for hobby use only or very specialized use (people have made lots of money with these with 20k or 30k spindles, tiny end-mills doing specialized work). Also they can be customized in a such a way that price jumps all over, i.e. you have base price and then enclosure price, spindle price, 4th axis price, probe price, controller price etc. etc.


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Post some pictures and we can give more opinions! I've seen one in action and was impressed. You can't hog huge amounts but set the program and it can keep chewing away at it. I saw one guy who's on here somewhere modifying machined parts for personalization and looks - quite respectable results.