My 8mm tap plan.... Some pre-xmas fun.

Well guys, everyone that has sent me an adress has a package on the way..... When I asked if they had any of the small envelopes, she said "no, some random dude came and bought them out a few days ago" laughing as I dumped my bag full of small envelopes out on her desk, I replied, "need three more".
Then she mentioned something about small solutions for business, at which time I thought I would explain myself a little, I am not a small solution, I am more of a big problem...... We shall see if she lets me back in the door, might have to send things out one postal code over next time....:rolleyes:
Thanks again guys, there's still more taps left, I think I will leave this open at least to next Friday, when I next hit the post office.

Dan Dubeau

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You know in a couple years, you're going to be working on something, and need an 8mm tap but won't be able to find one.....

Thanks again. I'll have to dig through my paperclip collection to send a nice one in return.


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Got my taps already...they're brand friggin new...
Stoppin by the post after work to send back what I found in my randoms
Now if there was a clangin' beers emoji...
Great idear Don.
My wife said and I quote..."isn't that cute, you boys are doing a workshop chain letter"
pretty sure her sense of humour gives the patience with me that she needs... ;)


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Adding to the "wow" those are shiny! I'm looking foward to putting them through their paces.

I might add that the return project is ready for its trip to the print shop.


News from the east coast: CP left a bubble envelope in my slot today! Thanks!

Preparing a package for the next pony heading west…..:)

Now these taps, I’m going to have to look them up and find out the recommended use for each type.

D :cool:


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Been sick and travelling and never got my you know what together on this one ...... but tip o' the hat to you on the whole thing, a fun idea.
Been sick and travelling and never got my you know what together on this one ...... but tip o' the hat to you on the whole thing, a fun idea.
.... well, I dropped the ball a bit today and I think I will be sending the next batch out on Saturday, rather than Friday as planned. Still plenty of taps left if anyone is still on the fence......

Dan Dubeau

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Spiral flute (twisty ones) pull the chips out (suited toward blind holes). Spiral point (pointy ones), push them forward (suited toward through holes). Each have their merits, but beware, spiral flutes are not as strong, and not as self centering. Lest you be digging a broken tap out of a blind hole.....

I like them both, but have gravitated more towards spiral points as the go-to over the years, and I just drill my holes a bit deeper to account for the chips, and to have enough threads for fasteners for blind holes. Spiral points last a LOT longer than spiral flute taps IMO. In short, they're just awesome.

Dan Dubeau

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Taps were sitting in the mailbox for me this morning on the way to the bus stop. Daughter asked what they were, and I told her some nice guy from out west sent me some tools and I'm going to send some back to him. My Son from the back of the van "do you have to drywall his basement?" :D. Proud Dad moment right there.

Thanks again Don. Canada post put a sticker over your last name, so I get to make one up for the return package. :D

Dan Dubeau

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Am i wrong in assuming that spiral taps would be more suited to power tapping due to the improved chip ejection?
You are correct. Spiral flutes are much better for power tapping, as they like being held rigidly, and lack the self aligning taper of spiral points and plug/hand taps. They are a bitch to start by hand, but can be done if in a pinch, although I wouldn't recommend it. IMO the old plug/taper/bottoming hand taps of yesteryear are obsolete. And the only reason to still use them is because you still have some, I have a couple different sizes of the old 3tap style, but can't see me ever using them. Bottoming taps still have their place, but if one were to buy one type of tap for eternity I'd be buying spiral points. At home in a mill spindle, tailstock chuck, handdrill chuck, or tap wrench. They do it all. I also grind them flat to make bottoming taps from them when they do eventually dull. It's nice to catch them before they snap off in a hole and cause me an hour detour though.....

Then there are Form taps. I've switched our dedicated CNC tooling over to form taps the past few years, and haven't looked back. The one Paradur tap Don sent looked suspiciously like a form tap at first glance, but when I looked it up, it's just a semi bottoming cut tap. Form taps need different sized (bigger) starting holes. They produce stronger threads in most materials, but do have a slight propensity sometimes to cause cross threading. Our toolmakers pissed and moaned for the longest time when I made the switch, but I eventually beat them into submission.....Some people don't like change. And by some people I mean grumpy old toolmakers.

Some nice variety of taps in the package. I'm starting to design my Belt grinder again, so I guess I'll be using all M8 hardware on it now :D. Now I need to head out into the garage to find something nice to send back out......