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Laser Engraving

Chris Cramer

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Before I got the laser engraver, while I was making a lot more jewelry, I had tried my hand at hand engraving with gravers and a graving vice. That method gives you much more control of the depth and angle of the engravings, but takes quite a bit of patience and control.


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I'm thinking that would work even better. I'm not all that confident that non burned cermark would work as a good resistant to feric chloride; and the laser engraver would most likely be powerful enough to burn off the nail polish in a precise way.
Post some pictures. Looking forward to seeing the process and progress.


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Wait just a second here... you have a CNC engraver.. and you use it make templates for your manual engraver? No criticism I just don't quite follow.
Two things occur to me, first, with a cutter you are going to get a cut V profile which would look better. With a diamond dragger you get a very fine cut line, can;t see the laser looking as nice. Secondly scale. CNC the thing much larger than you need than produce very small, finely cut script or logos etc.