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Jswain's active projects


Figured I would make my own thread as I'm always tinkering in the shop. Be forewarned I am a very amateur machinist :p

First project is adding one of the cheap vevor power feeds to my RF45 mill. Of course I did not splurge for the more expensive bolt on unit, why make it easy?

I started by swapping the x axis lead screw end for end, as well as the thrust bearing was moved to the left so I can install the power feed(hopefully) on the right, clocked clockwise enough to clear the table.

I used the cast iron lead screw support I removed to measure & make an adapter in fusion360 which is on the printer now. Once I figure out how much to clock the power feed I will drill & tap it for the mounting screws.

Plan is to 3d print whatever I will need to make it happen, then I will make the parts out of steel or aluminum. Looks like I will need to make a bushing for the bearing, bore & part the brass gear, and drill it for some set screws. Similar to how @YYCHM & @David_R8 attached theirs except on the other side.


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I believe I will need to extend the lead screw with an adapter if I want to mount a handle, will have to see when it's altogether how much room I have left.

I'm 100% ok without it, but if I can make it happen easy enough I will

This is the power feed I went with, pretty sure it's the cheapest/smallest one


Fit up is pretty good, centre hole is slightly off but I plan to leave this oversize so it doesn't touch, will try to perfect it when I make it out of metal though.

Filament is clear PETG. 100% infill so hopefully I can locate & tap the power feed holes enough for a trial.


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Bored out the gear & parted off the excess(with a band saw). Drilled & tapped for 3x m6x1 holes, and she is alive. I will get some grub screws to replace the m6 bolts but of course I couldn't wait.

It did push the gear down the shaft once, whether I didn't have the bolts tight enough or maybe I need to file some flats on the leadscrew like @David_R8 ?

Now to remake the plate & bushing out of metal, steel likely because I have some that should work.



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Why buy materials, when you can make a huge mess in your clean shop;)

Think I'll get the 3 holes drilled out tomorrow, cover it all in sharpie then scribe it and clamp it in the mill and twiddle it down to size. After I make the bushing then I'll mark and drill the 6mm holes for the power feed.

I'll probably have to thin it down some too as it's 3/4 and would ideally be 1/2, so I should have left the rounded part square for clamping but that's a future me problem to figure out. Maybe once I get the top milled flat I will mill a flat in the bottom to clamp in the vise for facing both sides?


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Milled 2 flats to hold the part in the vice then faced the one side. Flipped it over and took out the majority(~.170) with a 1/2 hss endmill, until I snapped it that is. Finished off with a 12mm carbide endmill & then took a .005" cut with the brazed carbide face? Mill.

Surface finish leaves a lot to be desired. I was feeding everything by hand so maybe a good portion of the reason? I did not trust the plastic enough to use the power feed, but probably would have been fine.

Marked it out with some sharpie so I can layout the holes and stopped for some lunch.

Starting to bear a resemblance!


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I need to pay attention & learn feeds/speeds/DOC.

For the 1/2" hss endmill I was using 480rpm, .060" doc and feeding it fairly quick, chips weren't changing color at all

12mm carbide endmill I went up to 960rpm, and about the same doc & feed, same thing with chips, tho they looked smaller then the ones from the hss

For the I believe it's 2 - 7/8" ish brazed carbide face mill one the first side with .010" DOC I used 480 rpm, gearbox was fairly loud. On the second side I used .005" DOC and went up to 960rpm, gearbox was much quieter.

Couple photos of the chips from the hss & carbide endmills. Was using rapidtap for lube for the hss, nothing for the carbide and clearing all the chips between runs.


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Starting to bear a resemblance!

First and third photos look a bit like my butt in the mirror.......

PS - Wife thinks my behind is handsome so that is not a shot. All good!

Nice work.

Agree on the cause of the broken endmill. My practice is all roughing is done conventionally - learned that the hard way. I only do climb milling when I can lock the axis solid and then only if I have no choice.


Just have to remake the bushing tomorrow out of steel & figure out the limit switch mount.

Seems slightly quieter mounted to the steel, probably lined up better with the leadscrew.

I may drill an additional 2 holes so I can clock it flat if needed.


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