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First Lathe, any tips on getting it up and running?(picture heavy)


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Here is a chart of shear strength of different metals:


You can see that very low carbon steels and brass (other than cold worked brass) have similar shear values. Since I had no way of knowing what kind of steel pin was in the drive (one had a roll pin => very hard!) and I was not about to pay LeBlond prices for replacement parts, I just used brass. I annealed it to be sure it would be soft and called it good.


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I didn’t realize I should anneal the pin!
Unless you know for sure how they made your brass stock material. If they hot formed it, then probably no need. Since I have no idea how the stuff I have was made, I annealed it. Maybe overkill, but for sure better than what was in there....
Any other sage wisdom on getting a new (to me) machine space ready? Or any thoughts on sourcing toolholders, just need something cheap to start or if there's a used market for them some place? Also any tips on leveling a bench mounted lathe or should I make the lathe it's own custom frame/stand?



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In case you haven’t got one, here’s a manual for your lathe
http://vintagemachinery.org/pubs/2093/3353.pdf. There is a short section on leveling.
I use this
http://manuals.chudov.com/Rollies-Dads-Method-of-Lathe-Alignment.pdf to check for level as it doesn’t require a precision level or test bar.

An AXA quick change toolpost is ideal for your lathe but does cost $.
In the meantime the rocker post will work.
I have a 4 way post that you can have if you want. It’s a bit more solid but every tool has to be shimmed to height.