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  1. P

    Craftex Metal Lathe CT089

    Hi everyone, I am looking to sell my father's Craftex CT089 metal lathe (13" x 24"), originally purchased from Busy Bee Tools. Machine was well looked after. Selling for $1500. I'm located in East Van (Vancouver, BC). Would have to be pick up! Thanks!
  2. opensourcefan

    8x16 Lathe Electronic Power Carriage AND Cross Feed MOD

    Well, I wanted the ability to I decided to have some fun, do some learning and keep myself busy. I apologize in advance as I never meant to document the build for sharing so I don't have a lot of pics. Here's a video, I'm not a camera-man nor a youtuber. Here are some pics, just ask if you...
  3. M

    Machine Looking for a manual and or opinions

    Just picked up this lathe for my home shop However I have a few questions Regarding lubricants, the lathe is a j1mt 360 based of a mazak lathe from my research. I’m in need of the oil weights for the carriage and headstock. I’m assuming something similar to 220 gear lube in the headstock? Anyone...
  4. M

    Looking for a lathe!

    Looking to purchase a lathe, something in the 14-40 size range. Ideally with a dro, 4/3 jaw chucks and a steady rest, voltage does not matter. A Colchester triumph would be fantastic but a decent quality tawain made machine would be fine as well. I am located near Ottawa Ontario but am willing...
  5. Andy G

    C$495.00 Brand New Original Multi Suisse Tool Holder

    C$495.00 Brand new Swiss origin Original Multi Suisse B tool holder. Highest quality tool on the market. Sized for 13-16 inch lathe. Exceptional accuracy and repeatability. Will ship any where. C$900.00 retail. Andy at 780-686-5657.
  6. J

    Phenolic lathe gears

    Lathe gears, I wish I could tell you what they were from but I’m not sure. They got mixed in with my lathe when I got it. 36 tooth (1-1/4”x6 spline), 2x 44 tooth same spline as 36, 63 tooth (2-1/4” x 8 spline), 88 and 95 tooth with 1” 6 spline Make an offer or very willing to trade. Looking...
  7. Richard Tymko

    Watchmakers Lathe

    G. Boley #1138 No. 1a watchmakers Lathe WW-Type watchmaker's lathe Comes with: Head stock spindle Compound slide rest Tailstock Countershaft with "Dead Centre Chuck" "Step Spindle Chuck" and Speed wheel Lantern tool post Drawbar Tool rest Male and Female center tailstock runner Watchmaker...
  8. A

    Machining chucks for sale

    12”, 15”, 24” chucks for sale Please contact for details Alex.lobo0486@gmail.com
  9. Arbutus

    Lovely Boley watchmakers lathe kit - complete

  10. Philipopito

    What's you guys favorite site/shop to buy machinery?

    Hello fellas, I was wondering what was your favorite site/shop to buy metal machinery (lathe, mill...) I've found the site Travers and Grainger but I can't seem to find any other good supplier that offers something other than King Canada stuff. Any suggestions? Thanks!