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  1. Philipopito

    What's you guys favorite site/shop to buy machinery?

    Hello fellas, I was wondering what was your favorite site/shop to buy metal machinery (lathe, mill...) I've found the site Travers and Grainger but I can't seem to find any other good supplier that offers something other than King Canada stuff. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Donald Mearns

    Hello from Pangnirtung, Nunavut.

    Hi, I’m Don, a hobby machinist in Pangnirtung Nunavut, retired and living here. Interests are just about anything, if I become fixated on it then I will do it. Main things are keeping an assortment of toys necessary for northern life going. Machining comes in handy as there isn’t a Napa or...
  3. ntdenman

    Lathe-Only Machining of 'Bar Clamp'

    I'm interested in suggestions for setups to machine a tricky feature from the attached drawing; the parts are basically cylinders with a right-angle cylindrical 'bite' taken out of them at an offset location. I'd be making them out of brass rather than steel, which should help a bit. It seems...
  4. Rauce

    Churchill Cub Mk III

    I’ve had this lathe for about 3 years and used it quite a bit. Purchased from a fab shop that was closing down in Scarborough for around $1000 and gave it a deep clean, minor mechanical repairs, rinsed and refilled gearboxes, new motor, QC toolpost and a new 4-jaw chuck and back plate. I’m...
  5. M

    How much power is enough?

    Good day folks. As some of you probably saw in my "introduce yourself" thread, I've acquired a line shaft driven Fay and Scott that looks like it's a 14" x 40" machine. I've got some belting and the jack shaft with hangers. What I also have is a 2HP 120/240v single phase motor that looks to...
  6. opensourcefan

    8x16 Metal Lathe Buyers Guide

    Disclaimer The following is an account of knowledge gained while researching my small lathe purchase. Keep in mind I only know what I know, don’t know what I do not know and don’t claim to know everything. I am not recommending a particular machine, take this info and apply it to your own...
  7. N

    WTB: lathe for beginner

    Hello, I'm trying to find a lathe to get started on, something like a 10" to 13". I've done a but of lathe work in school, and I have a little Craftsman/Atlas 109 which is a neat little toy for making plastic and aluminum spacers and bushings, but it's just enough lathe to make me want more...
  8. Alex A.

    Selling Standard Modern 12” x 30” type 12 LD Utilathe - $5K OBO

    Selling my Dad's other baby... Purchased in ~'84 and refurbished to new condition. *** New price $3K *** Located in Lethbridge Serial U1349 D-1 3” spindle nose 1 1/16” spindle hole Taper turning attachment TOS chuck Face plate / drive play Fore jaw chuck 3 jaw Fall arrest Steady rest Bison...
  9. Nesh559

    southbend countershaft question

    first of all i'll say this might be a dumb question but im gonna ask it any ways. can i remove the countershaft from my lathe and run it with a larger motor and a vfd? i understand the counter shaft provides the torque advantage needed to remove metal but if i acount for that while choosing a...
  10. D

    Line shaft lathes and shaper intact. Old vintage

    my family purchased a very old machine shop in moose jaw sask it has 3 lathes and a shaper the line shafts are on the ceiling with all belts attached they are all for sale. The lathes are wallcott, ar Williams, and a von wyke. Shaper id have to check. Email or call Drew...
  11. Watch'nmymetal

    Emco 3 Jaw chuck for sale.,Emco Super 11,140mm.NOS.

    Emco 3 Jaw chuck for sale.,Emco Super 11,140mm ,3 Jaw chuck,D1-4 mount with both sets of jaws,never used,$400.00.I would consider shipping withing Canada.I am in Calgary.
  12. Richard Tymko

    Looking for a new Lathe 12x7?

    So I just sold my Sherline 4530 lathe with a milling attachment. Now to go shopping for a bigger one, or what I consider bigger... Im looking for thoughts, feedback and suggestions on the KING CANADA 7" x 12" Mini Metal Lathes...
  13. D

    First Lathe, any tips on getting it up and running?(picture heavy)

    So after many years of wanting a metal lathe I was finally able to get one. An old Logan Model 210 lathe came up on Kijiji that was cheap so I jumped at the chance to get it. What I would love input on is tips on how to best clean and prep the unit and works-pace for use. What sort of things...
  14. N

    Metal Lathe contractor

    Looking for someone to turn metal into shape of legs for eg furniture legs. Anyone know any contractors who can do this using Mild steel? If there is such a thing.
  15. EricB

    Machine Lubrication

    Hey guys, I haven't been here in forever! My stupid phone is a piece of junk and I had to get rid of Tapatalk. Anyways, I'm finally getting my lathe back together after a year apart (I know, it's embarassing) and I'm wondering: What do you guys use for lubrication? Where do you go for...
  16. C

    Southbend cone pulley advice

    Hello all, Well I bought my first lathe - and of course I had to take it apart ( actually it did not look like it had been used for some number of years so I didn't feel comfortable running it for long without checking the condition of the internals). I have only cleaned the end gear train and...
  17. Trent ks

    Trent KS Vancouver

    Hello, I am a multidisciplinary artist based out of Vancouver. I have been blacksmithing and welding since 2010. I had the chance to use a metal lathe at my school in Montreal and since then I have wanted to acquire one of my own, as well as a mill. I have no friends who have experience with...
  18. M

    Craftex CT089

    Hi Guys, I have the Craftex CT089 13x24" metal lathe from busy bee. Im having a few issues. Firstly, the tailstock doesn't seem to want to center properly. It has an adjustment on it to move it in our out, but the issue i have it that it kind of "twists" on the bed when you apply the cam...
  19. C

    Antique lathe circa 1895

    ...on Kijiji Calgary, search for 'hendey'. I had a look, too big for me but ways still have some paint on them after being apparently being reconditioned. $1000. A chance to own a piece of history!