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Calgary CNC Turning Gurus, I beseech you!


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Hey everyone,

I’m new as a spring fawn and I’m looking for some help. I’m trying to get to SAIT for the CNC Programming courses but am also keen to get ahead of textbooks and purchasing my first CNC lathe and Mill/Drill for my home shop.

I know I’ll be using Mach3 but can’t reveal too much more about what I’m aiming to make just yet.

I’m looking for someone with a CNC turning centre here in Calgary who might be game to assist a fellow in some learning and possibly produce a handful of parts for posterity.

If anyone is game please feel free to reply here or hit DM’s. Anything helps friends and I hope to chat with someone soon :)



Welcome aboard Curtis. Maybe what you want to do could be done manually. We're mostly manual guys and for prototyping or a few pieces that is fine. It's good to learn how to machine before leaping into computer control anyway.


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It can be indeed, however, I have micro scale production/manufacture ambitions. Doing it all by hand takes so much love it’s crazy. I should also point out I’m here entirely in theory...I don’t work with steel...I’m a wood dude...

If it can be done with steel, to heck with it and the the ever-interrupted cut, I’m down to eat cutters on hardwood.

Sorry guy, day walker in here