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  1. mechaform

    New from Ontariariario

    Hello, I’d like to thank @Janger and @PeterT for their extra efforts in getting me connected here. The site would not send a confirmation email to either address I tried to register with. Saw that there were a number of AB members and reached out to that community. Finally back to metalworking...
  2. darrin1200

    Hello from Ontario

    I would just like to introduce myself and say hello. I just want to start by saying what fabulous support this site has. For whatever reason, I could not receive my confirmation email to set up my account. After a couple of hours back and forth, last night, John finally got me all set up. Thank...
  3. G

    Complete Newbie - need help!

    Hello everyone, Not sure where to start.... Basically, I know next to nothing about metal work. My primary interest stems from 'refinishing' golf clubs. This has largely consisted of machine sanding, media blasting etc so far. However, I am now interested in learning how to mill some things...
  4. R

    Lethbridge blacksmithing tools

    Sorry I'm new just getting into blacksmithing and found this site and guess you guys are probably gonna be the most help. Any ways at the moment I'm running on a 0$ setup. Forge is pretty good can weld with it (wood ATM, will be getting charcoal soon) but everything else is in disarray. My...
  5. C

    Calgary CNC Turning Gurus, I beseech you!

    Hey everyone, I’m new as a spring fawn and I’m looking for some help. I’m trying to get to SAIT for the CNC Programming courses but am also keen to get ahead of textbooks and purchasing my first CNC lathe and Mill/Drill for my home shop. I know I’ll be using Mach3 but can’t reveal too much...