1. Hutch

    Rockford CNC Lathe Revival

    This is my first post and current project (so go easy on me if this isn't any good!). I am in the process of restoring a circa 1999 Rockford Pro2000 CNC lathe (this is the North American version of the Hercus PC200) and is a very well built unit (they were made in Australia). The machine arrived...
  2. C

    Calgary CNC Turning Gurus, I beseech you!

    Hey everyone, I’m new as a spring fawn and I’m looking for some help. I’m trying to get to SAIT for the CNC Programming courses but am also keen to get ahead of textbooks and purchasing my first CNC lathe and Mill/Drill for my home shop. I know I’ll be using Mach3 but can’t reveal too much...