1. SparWeb

    Anybody still using Mach3?

    I bought a CNC router! It's old! No it's not that bad, but it's a DIY project that the guy has picked at for almost 20 years. Still works, and tonight I have cut wood by jogging the cutter, just trying it out. Learning as I go. The CNC software is installed on a geriatric Windows XP computer...
  2. C

    Calgary CNC Turning Gurus, I beseech you!

    Hey everyone, I’m new as a spring fawn and I’m looking for some help. I’m trying to get to SAIT for the CNC Programming courses but am also keen to get ahead of textbooks and purchasing my first CNC lathe and Mill/Drill for my home shop. I know I’ll be using Mach3 but can’t reveal too much...