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4x6 bandsaw $50

Grizzly recommends a grease for their similar sized saw.

Mobilux EP 2 Moly

My busybee saw has a bronze worm wheel and uses oil.

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This one has oil in it. I looked through a couple of online manuals for saws that look very similar (BB has one). They state change oil periodically , but don't describe how or what oil to use.

I have some of this kicking around from the 80's?


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I have some of that to but less than 10years old Some of the additives in gear oil can dissolve copper alloys. My worm wheel is brass or bronze so I’m not sure whether this is safe or not.


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I found a good thread on copper friendly lubes.

GL-4 appears to be the answer.
That is a good site , but yet confusing . There seems to be two lines of thought, you either believe the gl specification supersedes (ie gl-5 is ok for gl-4) or you don't.

I decided that I don't believe that so that is why I started hunting for gl-4 only

If you find some , again, I'm interested

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