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4x6 bandsaw $50


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Is that considered big or small? I'm really tight for space. Can't remember how Kajiji works..... I sent a msg does the response come back by email?
Well I guess size is relative but I consider that small, I'm not sure you can buy a smaller commercial saw than that. It would be great for a small shop. If you txt/chat with kijiji you usually get a txt in the app as soon as the person responds and then an email always seems to follow that is a duplicate of the conversation. At least that's how it works for me on my phone.
All that comes up when I search the link is a battery charger. If it's the same as my band (64 1/2" blade) saw Craig buy it before someone else does. I got mine from a shop that just wanted it hauled away because it was wore out and wouldn't cut straight anymore so they were replacing it. That was 18 yrs ago and I,m still using it almost daily when I'm in the shop...and it does cut straight...with a good blade in it. Once in awhile you will get a brand new blade that wont cut straight and I use them for cutting that isn't critical and if I do gat a new blade that cuts straight, I usually keep it just for the "good jobs".

The fact is that I have cut many, many hundreds of inches of steel/Alum or whatever with someone else's cast-off and only changed the $15 blade.
I got her, looks to be in very good condition. Can cut in the horizontal and vertical (bonus) position and came with a new blade installed.

The guy had removed it from the Kijiji ad after I made contact as he was getting overwhelmed with responses.

Can't wait to try it out.


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I think you will like it.
I made a very small table maybe 2”x2” that I leave attached for when I use it vertically.

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There is a good video somewhere on YouTube that shows how to adjust the guides so it cuts square.

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Well.... I'm impressed. A good 5+ times faster than my PHS (not that that was an issue in the first place).



Made a nice square cut even after taking the head off to get it into the basement.



The specs.


Kind of overwhelms my work space a bit. Wife says I can't park it under her clothesline like I was with the PHS:-(


First cut was some 2" X 1" stock for the center carrier of my in progress rotary table tail/foot stock.
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The guy gave me a 7.5" X 8" table to attach to it for cutting in the vertical.
I have a bigger table as well. I can leave the 2x2 in place and still do a horizontal cut. The table only has to support your workpiece right at the saw teeth anyway. It might be different if you’re using a narrow blade and cutting curves.
Unknown to both me and the seller these things have an oil bathed right angle drive on them.

We laid the saw down in my truck bed for the ride home and it leaked a little. Not much, but some.

I opened the drive cover and there is still lots of oil in it that looked really clean. I should probably replace it or at least top it up. It looked like and felt like plain old motor oil?

What kind of oil do you put in these things?


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Uh oh, an oil question!

For me it would depend on the worm gear. If there's brass, then you have fewer choices due to the additives causing pitting

I just rebuilt the worm drive on a 7x12 I bought from Tom kitta and the new gear is steel, not brass so I went with an 80w90 gear oil

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I looked around for gear oil that was not API spec 5 but did not have any luck. My searches all came back with the elusive mobile 600w or steam engine cylinder oil which is not easily found in Canada. Any sites selling were by 5 gallon pails

The 600w is a brand, not a viscosity

Drive be nuts. If you find something let me know as I’m interested

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