1. opensourcefan

    Justifying a Single Lip Tool Grinder (Dekel Clone)

    I really want to be able to make some cutting tooling as well as repair my end mills, drill bits, etc. However I'm seeing that they're kinda expensive, like a whole second lathe or some other big machine expensive. If I put that money aside and purchased new bits and mills as I needed them, I...
  2. Vintage Gas Pump Guy

    Tool-post Grinder

    Hi Everyone, I don't post very much but here goes. I am new to the metal lathe so I am trying to absorb as much information as possible from you guys. I have a small Craftex /BusyBee metal lathe model Craftex B2227L and, would like to mount a tool-post grinder ( model #...
  3. Bert the Weldor

    2 HP motor and VFD for 2x72

    Hello. Looking to get my 2x72 built. Got all the wheels etc. from us knifemaker, but need a body and motor and VFD. was going to build the body, as it's not that complicated, but as always it's a time thing. Had the rest of the parts for 2 years now and have been cursing every time I use my old...
  4. CalgaryPT

    20" Disc Sander/Grinder Wanted

    I am looking for something similar to a Baleigh DG-500 or Kalamazoo DS-20 disc sander/grinder. Preferably 220V single phase. I would actually prefer a 12" model, as the 20" is a tad overkill for me, but 12" is harder to find. JET makes something about the right size, but doesn't import to...