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Xyphota's bicycle related projects


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So I've been on a bit of a hiatus with my own frame for the last few weeks, mostly because I promised I'd get my buddy a frame by the start of June like 10 months ago, and like everything in life, everything takes longer than planned so I paused my frame progress to build his. His frame is a pure fixed gear bike, no brake mounts or anything. He even only wanted water bottle bosses on the seat tube, nothing on the down tube. My bike still needs a few fixtures made to hold brake fixtures, so I felt comfortable getting my frame to a good spot before pausing and working on his.

The start of the build is basically identical up to where my frame is currently at. I did make one additional fixture to help ensure the rear dummy axle is perpendicular to the seat tube. This stays in place while tacking in the seatstays to the seattube, and brazing the dropouts.

After finishing the seat stays, those get brazed in, and then I spent probably 4-5 hours filing them down. I really enjoy the brazing process and I like the finished look so If I build more bikes I'd like to do more brazing, but the filing is pretty tedious. I think the next shop tool is a large air compressor than can feed a finger belt sander.

After the dropouts, the last step is to slot the top of the seat tube so that it can deform slightly to pinch the seatpost when tightening the seatpost clamp. As this last operation on the bike, this was a bit scary, I'm not going to lie lol.

Here is me just after finishing the slotting and doing a bit of final alignment at 1:00am lol. Off to the powdercoaters at 8am the next morning.


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Chainstays were pre-bent and pre-tapered, but I did the dimpling for the tire and chainring clearance. I don’t have any good pictures at the moment, I’ll take one later if I remember lol.

The seatstays were pre-tapered, but I added a 2 degree bend in them.
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