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What kind of welding machines you guys have ? Anyone got a Miller multimatic 220?


Hey guys what kind of welding machines you guys got ?
Anyone have a multi process machine ?
I’m thinking of getting rid of my tig/stick and mig machines to get one multi process unit !
Thanks guys
Personally I have a couple of Lincoln machines. The 180 MIG and the tombstone stick. Not my preferred choices but what I happen to have landed at the moment. My theory about multi-process units is something like "jack of all trades master of none".

Brent H

Ultra Member
Everlast 211 MTS - works great at mig and stick. Haven’t done the TIG part as much as I should.


Jack of all trades -- Master of none
Premium Member
Millermatic 211 MVP mug
Longevity WeldAll 250pi (tig stick plasma )
Lincoln tombstone 225ac stick

I use them all, but could survive with a single multiprocess

I view it like vehicles and tools ..... if I have the room and the money, why not

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Tom O

Ultra Member
Miller 351 with cooler and a Millermatic 135 with spot/stitching as well as the original scratch start 100A dc tig I got from PA for body repair.
one day I’ll find a good 250A mig.


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I'm puzzling over all of these model numbers. Do they basically represent input voltage?


ersatz engineer
The Millermatic 250 is a welder that was manufactured in the early 80s and will go to 300 amps max. for 100% duty cycle, you have to limit it to 200 amps. it is almost entirely non-automated. the only electronics are for voltage control. It is powered by a massive transformer.


I have nothing right now as I recently closed shop, but was using primarily a small Lincoln 140 with spool gun and an old Century for the bigger jobs.

Not just with welders, but in general I've always been against multi use machines. Even if they do the job equally as well as the stand alone units, when one is down for repairs or service they all are and you are left with nothing.


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Century 125 amp mig....useless

Lincoln 235 amp AC/DC stick decent small job welder that will stick 2 pieces of steel together if you don't have rely on it for anything safety oriented

I was raised and taught welding using a 450 amp DC Hobart...anything after that is a "toy"...I sure do miss that machine sometimes.

Tom Kitta

Ultra Member
I never welded above 300 amps - I need to find somewhere these 1/4 inch electrodes cheap to try it out. But I bet I blow breaker on my regular line so I need to setup special power station just for going over 300.


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That 450 amp Hobart ( It was bought from a WWll surplus auction) would lay 1/4" rod out in a 1/2" wide bead all day, when burning big rod like that you need two five gallon pails of water beside you to drop the stinger into between rods, they get so hot you cant hold on to them. When welding new grouser bars onto the cat tracks. there were 3 men required and two separate cables from the welder. One guy on one side would weld a rod and dunk his stinger while the guy on the other side welded one pass...the third guy was to keep hauling gas to the welder, when welding big rod it run on the governor all day.
It would take 3 full days to install new grousers on one cat, one "stick pass" on one side with 1/8 rod (7018) then a "filler [pass on both sides of the pad with 1/4" rod.
The other thing about burning big rod was that every bit of skin facing the flash needed to be covered...."weld burn" can be more severe than any sunburn you can imagine.

Chicken lights

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Can anyone tell me if a Miller Maxstar 150 STL is worth fixing?
I don’t know what’s wrong with it. All I want is a 110v stick welder and I’m sure I could get this Miller cheap