We're Going to Try Some Banner Ads for Guest (Not Logged In) Users


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You definitely don't have to, existing tiers haven't changed at all, I just created additional tiers, but there is no reason to use any but the originals, except to support the forum.

Yeah, I keep turning them down, every few days. They were now at the minimum level, but I get the sense the scale goes: 1%, 95%, 95%, 95%, 95%, 99%, 100%

Corrected this now.
I spent an afternoon mucking about with the membership levels and internally debating my game plan there, Sorta just got tired of it and hit the ol' big-red "send-it" button.

Ads have been turned off now, all the back and fourth alone is too stressful. lol

Josh thanks for working on this and dealing with the fallout etc. there is no free lunch.


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Ads have been turned off now, all the back and fourth alone is too stressful. lol

I feel your pain Josh. Thanks for giving it a damn good try.

And thanks for taking the heat without one single complaint. I must say that I was VERY impressed. A lesser man would have bitten back. For a while I was worried that you might. Wish I lived close enough to invite you over for steak and beer.

When the dust settles on the membership's, I'll sign up for more.


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@Jwest7788 I think part of the objection to advertisement is the in your face intrusion of visiting the site. As an example that POP UP that covered the whole page during page views, just a complete turn off as it steals precious time and I have to get past it to view the site. For me and I suspect others this is game changer to drive me from a site.

Now a small banner on the page top and bottom, while there does hinder view and experience, and god forbid has an ad that catches my eye I might follow it, but importantly does not intrude on my experience.

Example www.skitalks.com

As to yearly vs monthly, I'll pay yearly for an experience without NO auto renewal. Is a deal breaker because it relies on auto renewal and this can get expensive quickly when fees suddenly change (been there done that ain't doing that again..... EVER!) The second down fall is increased cost (ie banking fees etc) for this service. This in turn drives up the cost (in a lot of cases for both ends, buyer and seller). As the saying goes getting nickle and dimed into the poor house should be avoided.

To be fair I am not anti-ad as there are costs (and liabilities) to the site and should be offset but at the same token careful on what you are doing as it can backfire costing you more than you expect.