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  • Final moving days, new shop has insulated walls now, time to finish moving the old shop. Must be done before the 1st. Will be a busy couple of weeks.
    Hi J, , awhile back, you posted a retro-fit for your compressed air system / dryer-cooling, , is thread still active ??
    I'm, looking for somebody to help me wire a couple of small stepper motors using Arduino and I was told the your the guy to help
    Does anybody know where to purchase the square extruded aluminium that they use on the DIY kit for CNC Are there different sizes available?
    It would be nice if there was someone local that can supply it. Are stepper motors also available locally. What is the difference between a 270oz. compared to a 500oz. stepper.
    I'm doing a little project with my nephew....
    The only place I have seen extruded aluminum of any form was at metal supermarkets, but they're generally overpriced. There are a few online suppliers too though.

    the Oz/In rating on steppers is the amount of force that the stepper can hold without spinning. See: http://www.romanblack.com/stepper.htm
    Josh If you know of anyone that's looking for a milling machine have them check out the Alberta Surplus website.


    Current bid is at $500.00 and I'm sure it's worth every penny
    The auction ends in under 9 hours and is local to Calgary.
    It'll be a great machine for a beginner or moving up from a mini mill.
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