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Tools you waited too long to acquire


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I’ve been wanting a good straight edge for a long time. Well for no particular reason i got one yesterday. I’ve seen nice aluminum ones (24”) in the $50 to $90 range. But the descriptions did not show if they came in a proper protective box.
I decided on the Accusize steel model.
It looks really nice. It has a proper box plus a reusable plastic strip that fits over the ground surface. (The wood box also came in a cardboard box + bubble wrap and that was all in an Amazon shipping box). It’s rated at 0.001” over the 24”.
(Darn - I was going to attach a picture here but i get the message ‘the file is too large for the system to handle’ - so I’ve attached the Amazon link below.)

I’ve heard that these instruments should be stored hanging vertically using the hole provided. But for my small work space i plan to keep it safely in the foam lined wood box.

FWIW: I thought this would be a good opportunity to directly buy from Accusize and try out the Forum’s new 10% discount. The discount would almost pay for the shipping so I was about to go that route.

BUT - the price was exactly the same ($88.00) from Accusize and
Amazon. Except Amazon offered a 10% discount code plus free shipping. I was sort of disappointed because i wanted to try the Forum discount, but i got it from Amazon.

BTW - the straight edge looks great, no disappointment there! :)

(Yes @Susquatch I will let Allen know).