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Tig welding brass

Chris Cramer

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I'm struggling to figure out how to properly weld brass using a tig welder. Information that I found on other forums tells me it is best to braze brass using bronze brazing rods. This method seems to work fine on thicker material, but I am trying to find a way to braze or weld brass sheet metal. I also attempted to use silicon bronze filler metal with my tig welder, and again I was successful in welding 1/4 " brass plate but I continue to blow pin holes into the sheet metal. I would appreciate any advice on how to weld brass, or just sheet metal in general.


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Hey Chris, Check this out:

He covers the issue you're having with pin holes (Zinc in the brass outgassing, doens't lend itself to welding)

Brass and copper etc. you actually "heli-braze" where you never melt the base material, thick or thin.

Tom Kitta

Active Member
I just tried that today. Got everything white. Apparently TIG welding brass is not easy with the zinc going to evaporate. Messy. At least I didn't get sick this time around with zinc fumes.

I read that one method is to simply melt some base metal and dip the brass in it. I try it maybe next weekend.

Otherwise I guess you just need to braze stuff on. Zinc just has to low of evaporation point to weld as usual.