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Ontario Meet and Greet May 28th at BrentH's place

Brent H

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Hello folks!

So May 28th the plan is for good weather and a meet and greet with a bunch of folks from the neighbourhood! At this point in time I have the following Members of the forum lined up for a great adventure:

@Canadium : hopefully- fingers crossed
@Susquatch : possibly maybe - odds are diminishing after adventure with the surface grinder
@combustable herbage
@Chicken lights

The layout of the plan is as follows:

* Meet and Greet - hellos, atta boys, hugs etc
* Tour of the shop and garage - Q&A
* Demonstration on milling gears on the Mill, discussions on gear making, rotary tables, indexing heads .....
Lunch: Hope to put on some BBQ of smoked pulled pork, some salads etc - Beverages
* Tool swap/Trade Sell and Show and Tell
* Demo: Tool sharpening - Grinder, Cincinnati No.2
* Demo: Plasma cutting, Oxy Acetylene, maybe some MIG set up and bead running - Welding helmet discussions

Any other suggestions, questions, attendees etc please PM me. I will email out all the travel details on May 9th. I live just North (15 minutes) from Barrie Ontario
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Can I throw my name in for a possibly attending?

I’m going up north on the 27th for the day with my dad to open the cabin for the season and do some plumbing repairs. Puts me in the neighbourhood on the way back, I’m going to try to figure out a way to stick around for Saturday.

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Jeeeeez nobody told me there would be smoked pulled pork at this shindig. I'm closer than Janger by 6 hours so i could make it if i put the Duramax in overdrive and one of the dogs could steer for a bit. Bloody cows are holding me back though, want to go to new pasture today, guess i'm out as well.


Dang. Now I wish I could’ve cleared the calendar.
Whats up for sale? Will you be allowing phone-in bids? ;)

I hope everyone has a great time.


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Sure sounds like a perfect recipe for an awesome get together.

You are amazing Brent. Wish I could have made it. Glad I was able to meet you beforehand.


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Ok folks!!! 14 hours of smoking and the pulled Pork tastes amazing - 4 bottles of custom BBQ sauce and :

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@ShawnR is in da House!!!

Safe Drives tomorrow !!!!!
Oh my gosh, the pictures of food and drink are almost enough for me to make the umpteen hour drive to partake. And then that hasn't even considered the knowledge sharing and fellowship! #very tempting