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A few photos from yesterday was able to get everything downstairs without incident. The main assemblies come apart easily and it is a dream to work on, I was able to tumble and slide the stand and the bed down the stairs, the hardest part for me was the headstock a bit of an awkward carry with its size and weight and my stubbornness to do it in one shot. Quick inspections of the gear boxes look good with nice clean oil.
I am going to do some clean up, wd-40 and a selection of brushes seems to take most of it off so far and I didn't notice anything that needs repair so clean and reassemble is the plan. The design and build of this lathe is so interesting such a simple layout but such ingenious ideas built in like offsetting the bolts on the compound dial to allow the tapered gib, the qcgb provides another level of feeds with the coarse fine lever and the layout of the ways and apron and tailstock to allow more travel.
I can't wait till I get excited to have this lathe;).

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I have a kerosene heater for the few times I heat up the garage in the winter and yesterday was one of those days, so we decided to put up the redneck ceiling fan to spread that heat out:)