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My Mini machine upgrades


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So you were able the successfully shorten a glass scale to the length you needed? Does it still work well? You mentioned the magnetic strip; I guess it is inside the glass tube for protection from grime? Did you take a picture before you assembled it? Sorry for all the questions: never had one apart and am curious.

Am thinking about putting a DRO on my mill - big decision point is how long do the scales need to be. Seems that if one can modify them (well, shorten them) then that makes it a bit easier as far as choosing the length. Just as long as I get them long enough...
There are some videos of people cutting down glass scales on youtube using a diamond wheel and feeding slow with good success, even with a dremel..
I've put a few on my machines and if you give yourself another inch or two when ordering you'll have lots.


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I am patiently awaiting my newest modification to arrive in the mail, but before it did i was finally able to piece together this cutter image.jpg i bought this thinking it was a complete unit but it was not to be. I even ordered extra inserts first time image.jpg and i now have a backup cutting head, because who knows its machining image.jpg

Then i will be removing the original motor and controller assembly image.jpg and i am unsure if i will be re using or making a new belt drive but the general configuration will remain the same image.jpg and installing a digital speed readout. These are to serve as the before photos. I cannot wait to see the power! :cool::cool:


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Here is the start of my motor upgrade. Using scraps and the basic plan of the little machine shop belt drive kit, i tried to use the mill to start the work. 8847D2EE-8E16-43EF-880E-C9E1BABCAC4F.jpeg
Cutting to general size 14CAB153-B1AB-4953-93AE-BB519651D59D.jpeg
Making the taller risers E196036A-BEA1-4B6B-B488-550FBE824DC1.jpeg BADC7AEC-6926-4CED-BD07-E3C3693D4F42.jpeg
Then i removed the chuck and swapped the face plate on, my first use of such a contraption 7634FC53-7354-471D-B832-272761094AE6.jpeg
F4357757-6079-4027-B8D5-2A25F640A8E1.jpeg I placed a flat piece of 1/2” aluminum behind as backing and used the clamp kit i got for the mill to secure it. It was not wobbly and although i didnt take a photo my method of centering was to press the dead center into my pilot hole and it remained in place until i was fully secure
1AE86F28-B9E4-40B2-95A6-D00EB1EFF7D3.jpeg Made my cut with my home brew boaring bar and back to the mill 7038CFEB-09E0-4E67-AA20-87B2F4A70914.jpeg for this adjustment slot C3ADBE25-EEE5-4B2D-ADAE-A690E34808FC.jpeg this plate here is the mounting face for the treadmill motor, the following photo is the releaf i needed for securing the motor to my new plate, here i am clamped down to freehand my bolt hole circle (due to clearance and odd shape BHC function was not useful) FF6FF347-1206-452B-B6E5-731C3B326C8A.jpeg
BEBA4D40-8A4B-4959-AF82-79CABB9F9B85.jpeg I needed a belt pully so i sacrificed the cast iron fly wheel pully for the pully part 48DDEF62-B412-49FC-9E85-E28057F3B50B.jpeg
FA6D1645-6BE7-4170-984A-679ABEE2D376.jpeg This finished the hard parts, and wires and that head ache started BE326C2A-D83F-4E00-9E80-0B48B1BFDD18.jpeg 599BFE86-E308-4E91-9C37-F7A975864926.jpeg 27D011B8-C49A-40B8-AE20-750F47E11F33.jpeg 6867932B-A30E-4986-A8EC-C82B006F5563.jpeg 12ABB421-9254-4755-852E-06841254AF76.jpeg A20FC012-6659-48AF-AF18-80EFBC5EC78D.jpeg So the Dora pencil box worked out nicely and will set this machines name for all time. Next came the “brain” box and it looks like this A085C22A-95CD-4DF8-A4C7-7B0C0F0E1C16.jpeg 64C3140B-2354-4A7D-87C0-E589DDB025F4.jpeg and the final bit was the speed sensor location selection, which was conveniently pre drilled as a holder bar from MLMS.com but i have a push button device for that purpose so i stuffed it 568C5DDA-9073-4493-B2F4-885C5CE4549F.jpeg 5BD5F2E5-BAA0-40A2-B858-F786900E1262.jpeg 2BB6C7F3-DD8E-423F-B3C8-D6E238275CB7.jpeg


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The motor has 2.25hp on its sticker but the belt will slip long before i use it all. Its ok on the level of drill press vise’s but im looking at an off shore 3” kurt type, without the swivel base it should sit the same height, even with the long travel kit space is at a premium so i could not go any larger. I picked up one from kms but it was 4” jaw kurt type and much to large. I have a smaller toolmakers vice as well but this one has not moved since i trammed the head and dialled it in i am not making anything for aerospace but its within a few thou
We'll I've stopped my work here as a result of the belt drive upgrade I ebayed blowing out the drive belt that came with it and being unsuccessful in locating a supply I have purchased the "my little machine shop.com" version as I already have 2 replacement belts form my mis adventures in v-belt location. I'll add that content here as well. The kit I ordered comes with the gas assist arm and extended range kits included too, after shipping and fairly weak dollar it's a little over $350 but without it my machine is useless as I've already busted the plastic set they build them with:mad:.
View attachment 1308 View attachment 1310 View attachment 1311 View attachment 1308 So I've received the package from my little machine shop.com. I'm not impressed at all sure it's all there an got here gas as it should have but whoever they have working to manufacture the belt drive pieces is a monkey or high school class. So I have a pully with metal chunks in the keyway for the motor side because broaching was done prior to the drill and tap operation for the set screw. Basically the rep told me that they are all like that and to bad unless you want to spend a small fortune sending and receiving replacements until you find one manufactured properly. Also many of the edges on the belt conversion were left unbroken and sharp enough to cut your finger right out of the box


I'm going to have to attack it with a file and hope I don't mess up the keyway tolerance, and debur it before I attempt to attach it so I don't bleed all over the place.
I had quite the opposite experience. I just posted about the one I received today (belt drive conversion) and it was a thing of beauty. I did so with minimal expectations, but, similar to you, I didn't have alot of options for repair and I'm very happy with what I got