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Must have hand tools?


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I concur with the eye protection being first on the list. I lost an eye some years ago at the start of my hobby machining era (not from machining tho) and with only one left I became very cognizant of the importance of that one eye...I have at least a 1/2 dozen of the full face shield hoods in my shop, almost within arms length at any time and I don't even pick up a hammer without putting a shield on first. If you still have two eyes...keep it that way because if you ever go down to a single one there is no "second chance".
Just saw this now. Sorry about your accident. Great advice you have. I do the same as you--in just a double car garage I have 3 full face shields that I hang from the ceiling within reach of most of my machines, as well as a #5 full face shield by my plasma cutter. I also have two welding helmets in case a friend comes over. I have multiple googles that fit over standard progressives as well, but use these now for small hand work mostly. Full face shields are the way to go and I'm proud to say I have done this so long I've had to replace them all due to scratches, especially the one the hangs over my grinder and wire wheel. Every time I even think of not putting it on I remember a phrase a co-worker taught me:

Policies only work if they are followed.

Sadly I am not as careful with my hearing, but I will try to improve on that.