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Shop Lets see those basement workbenches


Dan Dubeau

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I'll get the ugly one out of the way so nobody feels embarrassed to show theirs. :D

It doesn't always looks this bad, but it has for a while (too long). Too many projects have gone to die here over the past few months, and with so much other stuff going on, it hasn't been a priority until now. Jangers post about soldering irons lit the flame again to get back on some electrical projects.

This is ground zero for a lot of household repairs, electrical tinkering, and my fishing lure production/painting, which I haven't done in a while. 3d printers live here too, although my little kingroon is up in the kitchen right now because it was easier to keep an eye on up there.

Nice rainy day project today has been to clean up some of the basement clutter today, and start excavating the workbench. You should have seen it BEFORE I took the picture. It's funny, while zooming around the picture on my phone I spotted my test light I was looking for a few months ago lol. See if anybody else can find it, Wheres waldo.

Lets see yours. Don't be shy, it can't get worse than mine, and I know you all have one.
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I've just taken over the 3rd room in the basement. Two car garage is all mine, well, except for space I've conceded to fit the garbage cans.

It's a bit overwhelming. Small machine tools, watchmaking and electronics in one room, woodworking and resin printing in another and casting in the furnace room (plus a 10mm Levin that wouldn't fit anywhere else). Its 20 pounds of potatoes in a 10lb bag, but it works, and I love it.

Can't do photos now. Complete disarray. Getting ready to swap a bench from downstairs to the garage which brings my woodworking bench to basement. Been planning it for three weeks in anticipation of a strong son passing through town. Its like one of those sliding tile games, to accomplish this simple task requires moving 50 tiles. Cripes to open the garage door took 20.

Photos at some point!


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I'd show my basement workbench but it's got boom boom stuff all over it so no photos here. Anyone wanting a photo can PM me.

Suffice to say that it's very well organized. It's also very neat and tidy. There is not a half a square inch left anywhere for anything remotely more useful. I've also adopted the townhouse approach to keeping it neat and tidy with cubicles stacked one above the other in a structurally unsound column.

Dan Dubeau

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I purposely posted my messy one to lure you guys into doing the same, and you're going to hang me out to dry like that?. lol I see how it is....:D

I'm hoping to see a bunch of messy, "lived in" ones, and a few spotless ones littered with perfect organization and a bunch of electronic test equipment that I have no idea what it does.

I've been meaning to move mine to the utility room for 2 years now, but haven't got around to it. It's a bit of a big job and grand plans never get done around here, but small ones, little by little, are much easier to accomplish.

Everybody loves to show off the spotless shops and workbenches but you shouldn't be ashamed of the messy working ones. What's that saying? "Messy loves company" or something like that.....;)


I Tried, It Broke
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Just at the tail end is installing @jcdammeyer ‘s ELS controller, so most of the clutter has been put away. Garage has machinery, office (walled off in garage) has electronics and computers. Bank of Ikea cabinets stores all the el stuff, so no wires show. B6382B19-B69A-49DA-A6A8-B3C9CCAB671A.jpeg


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I Tried, It Broke
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What's the rack cabinet with all the stuff? Looks like audio equip?
Analog synthesizer modules, music rig with old Mac Mini as controller. I’m the worlds worst musician, but I love building modules and making eep-eep-eep-boing-wowowowow-oooom noises. Probably 20 arduinos and 150 op-amps in the rack.


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It's my goal, to one day have a shop big enough to be able to put up some industrial pallet racking lol.
I visited a gentleman in Drummondville PQ who had a very tall garage with pallet racking. he stored his heavy duty wood working equipment 10' in the air and pulled them down whenever he needed. He had electric walk behind pallet stacker. That changed my plans for a dream shop.


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Jeez. You must get your 5000 steps each day just moving from the lathe to the mill
When we were working at the kennel, we both would regularly clock 15 to 20 thousand steps per day.
Now that we're retired, not so much.
But, due to my intensely chaotic workflow, if I spend the afternoon in the shop chasing squirrels I can easily still get 6 or 8 thousand.
I have the shop for my health. Yeah, that's it. My health.