Is windows 10 good for CAD Prusa Slicer, and CNC?


It would take you ages to work through what to remove.
Bloatbox and Windows10Debloater are automated tools to get rid of spyware and bloatware in your new installation. Worth looking up. The one I use has fallen into disrepute, so I'm not mentioning it here. I use this imperfect tool and then spend an hour removing the rest...


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Personally I haven't had any issues with Win-10, but its a healthy hardware box & relatively new. Installs & de-installs have been pretty straightforward, But all apps are Win-10 compliant, no legacy stuff. I'm too deep into Win/MS apps to entertain other systems so not like I have much other experience there. Actually I never had issues with Win-7 either but upgrade to 10 was software driven.


I fail to grasp what the point is in taking the risk of using 2+ year old unsupported apps to remove system and other things from a working machine. Ken is clearly new to this, why add to his risks of getting into a mess and having to start over? If his clean install (which already avoids the worst crap-ware, as in the junk installed by vendors such as HP, Acer et al) works fine then there is no need for this extra effort and likely confusion.
Most of this stuff sits on the disk not doing anything at all. Most of the other items might start and then promptly go to sleep, with their memory cached out.
And why on earth remove OneDrive?????