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In the shop today

Yes it is some of my 4”od 4140
Just for interest sake... I just cut some of my 5" 4340 (the stuff with a hole in it) on my band saw and they took 12 minutes for a slice. I was happy with that. (Asian 7x12 saw).

Your project looks like it will turn out well, it's almost as fun watching the pictures as doing something myself!


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Ive got the locating slot milled image.jpg
Now ill put it in place on the lathe and drill the 1/2” hole for the bar image.jpg before i bring it back to the mill for drilling and tapping the securing screw holes


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Just saw the latest part of this thread about the tool post - no need to spend money on a QCTP if you have metal sitting around anyway. It's not a step backwards if it fits your needs and budget. I have a piston QCTP that came with my lathe and it's not rigid enough for serious parting so I made a turret for it and it's nice and solid. That tool holder you're making will be VERY rigid and should serve you well!


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Ive been so busy between doing my mini mill motor upgrade and work but i took some time to visit my old machine shop recently to make a modification to my sons dirtbike fork. I had to remove a small shoulder to fit a second oil seal under the snap ring, just a few shots of that .. 8EB691E9-6B83-4076-9412-29CB895DA4D7.jpeg 2414C99A-AE8B-495B-97D8-B4AC9E7827C4.jpeg 511D3BD3-3F9B-4F7A-832B-3AA860DAEBB0.jpeg ... and though i have no further photos im sure it will work great!


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And today i built this ..... E42177D2-3219-42AC-A7A6-6206F5536F2B.jpeg A761233B-E8C5-4B31-8D4B-DFEE4C58EF18.jpeg It is a motor cycle wheel changing stand. It rotates on a used blazer front bearing, one blazer rim and one truck rim and stands 32” tall. A couple of “attachments” to come later are a bead breaker bar and a tire spreading mechanism for repair of holes (I learned how to do a proper off rim patch) also used for holding a tire and drilling holes in it for this purpose ..... 1227586C-BBB5-4834-8E55-AFD1FF201B9C.jpeg 7E2D6AA4-848E-4633-94AA-13ADF1F14E12.jpeg


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Wow your getting stuff done! I thought you had a SMALL lathe?
Hey that motorcycle tire looks just right for getting around on the streets around here! Pretty knarly!