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In the shop today

Yes it is some of my 4”od 4140
Just for interest sake... I just cut some of my 5" 4340 (the stuff with a hole in it) on my band saw and they took 12 minutes for a slice. I was happy with that. (Asian 7x12 saw).

Your project looks like it will turn out well, it's almost as fun watching the pictures as doing something myself!


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Ive got the locating slot milled image.jpg
Now ill put it in place on the lathe and drill the 1/2” hole for the bar image.jpg before i bring it back to the mill for drilling and tapping the securing screw holes
Just saw the latest part of this thread about the tool post - no need to spend money on a QCTP if you have metal sitting around anyway. It's not a step backwards if it fits your needs and budget. I have a piston QCTP that came with my lathe and it's not rigid enough for serious parting so I made a turret for it and it's nice and solid. That tool holder you're making will be VERY rigid and should serve you well!