Tips/Techniques How to edit an existing post?

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I recently sold one of my machines advertised on the forum. I was hoping to edit the OP and inform the viewers that the machine is no longer available. But I cannot figure out how to edit my post(s).

Is it possible to edit one’s existing posts? Or must one add a new post to the thread and hope the viewer reads down to the bottom of the thread and so learn a machine once for sale has been sold?



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Premium Forum Membership (See Account Upgrades) will give you total control of the content and existence of your posts. It also provides you with the ability to add attachments to PMs.


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Thanks guys. Understood.

You can also ask a moderator to fix things for you. We are happy to serve. It's way more fun doing that kind of stuff for you than policing the rules and policies. Making someone else happy always makes my day.