1. Arbutus

    Lovely Boley watchmakers lathe kit - complete
  2. M

    Tips/Techniques How to edit an existing post?

    I recently sold one of my machines advertised on the forum. I was hoping to edit the OP and inform the viewers that the machine is no longer available. But I cannot figure out how to edit my post(s). Is it possible to edit one’s existing posts? Or must one add a new post to the thread and...
  3. Arbutus

    CNC Linear motion parts

    I have some surplus parts for CNC builds. All are new, unused and top quality. Located in Abbotsford. Can ship Purolator or pickup. Linear rails: 2 pieces 700mm long 12mm dia with six linear bearings ($80 pair) Ball screws: C5 Grade 8 pieces 600mm long 16mm dia. 8 Ballscrew nuts. 8 nut...