1. M

    Tips/Techniques How to edit an existing post?

    I recently sold one of my machines advertised on the forum. I was hoping to edit the OP and inform the viewers that the machine is no longer available. But I cannot figure out how to edit my post(s). Is it possible to edit one’s existing posts? Or must one add a new post to the thread and...
  2. C

    Post vise for sale

    Post vise for sale. Approximately 4 1/2" wide jaws. The stand is not included with the vice. Asking $150.
  3. path9551

    Tormach PCNC1100 CNC Milling Machine (Surrey, BC)

    For Sale: Tormach PCNC1100 CNC Milling Machine. This machine has been used a lot and is not in great cosmetic condition but as far as I can tell is still in good working condition. It includes a lot of accessories, some of which are not working or in unknown condition. I am selling this setup...
  4. C

    Electric motor

    1.5 hp/ 220V/ 3 ph motor w/ 7/8" shaft for sale. Asking $40.00
  5. C

    Milling Vise

    4" x 6" swivel mount vise for sale. Asking $120.
  6. C

    Igauging linear scales

    12 & 24 inch digital scales with mounting brackets and individual digital readouts. The scales are new in the boxes. Asking $70 for the pair.
  7. C

    Servo planetary gearbox 10:1 ratio

    I have a servo planetary gearbox in next to new condition for sale. Approximately 92 mm square with 12mm shaft, 14mm coupler. Asking $150.00 for it.