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Heading East! Ya Mule Ya!

Brent H

Ultra Member
So I have been pretty quiet on here for a while as things are beyond busy! This summer we decided to get back to my wife’s family in New Brunswick as, well, time stops for no one one.

This involved (s) buying a place and then figuring out all the details - the whens and the hows etc. It has been a wild ride with one seller backing out of the deal, then wanting back in. Then a great place came available after that buyer had issues, then they wanted the place again, then we found a great place and are in the final processes. Oh, and the place we had looked at before is now back on the market - WTF! - but our new place is quite the palace. - tons of space.

The good thing is that it also has a 24x 40 heated shop with 100 amp service and water. I am going to be measuring up and have a few discussions about adding a 30 x ?? Addition for the machining and paint booth area.

I have probably mentioned all the above before in other posts- not sure things are a blurr. Relocation will be next summer so all kids are done high school and my wife is done her job. Several moves are planned over the next months as - I have a lot of stuff- LOL. @Chicken lights is on board to assist with a very big truck and it will be interesting.

Now I am finishing all the house projects I can here to help sell the place. Lots to do.

Finished back wall stone:

Built a mobile stand for the Opel project (it moves out next month)


And then doing some off roading:


Lee - metalworking novice
Premium Member
Congrats on the move. Hope everything goes well. Will be watching for new episodes of the "Brent H and Chicken Lights show". :D


Ultra Member
Premium Member
@Brent H - I just realized that I've been following this thread and even commented on our new Mule Express, but...... It seems that I have NOT congratulated you on your move! Maybe it's because I feel like I'm losing you the day after I met you. Merlin and your childhood stomping grounds just down the road from me will all miss you!

I had a great time visiting with you back this past May. Your friendship, knowledge, open hospitality, and willingness to help the members of this raggaband crew of hobby machinists is nothing less than legendary.

Ontario will be a much smaller place when @Chicken lights hauls your last load East.

On the other hand Canada's Maritime lands are a beautiful place to enjoy your golden years. I know you are not really retiring - just changing careers like I did just 15 short years ago. But it's still a terrific change because you will be doing what you want to do now. It's so nice to see you guys so excited to begin this new chapter in your lives. And I'm overjoyed to see you find an even better place to live than that crazy lady didn't want to sell you!

Congratulations friend.

Brent H

Ultra Member
Hey guys, thanks for all the congrats! The “move” is coming a bit sooner than I expected, sorta hoped to actually retire and have a few years before all this, but hey, such is life!!

We are heading to a nice little suburb of Fredericton called Charters Settlement. We have a 1.7 acre place that backs onto hundreds of acres of protected wild life sanctuary. Snow mobile trails etc

@Chicken lights is no mule! LOL He is more in the stallion category and will be fed very very well - LOL.

The full move will be over the next 8 months or so and we take possession November. Probably January I will be running by you folks some shop expansion plans and will give you more details on the place. For @Chicken lights there is plenty of parking space for a full rig so I hope to see him for things other than a move or two. ;)

@darrin1200 - hopefully we can stop in!!

@thestelster : thank you for the offer to help!! Some dates have changed due to the seller needing time so I have some coordinating to do.

I had a great chat with John (@Dabbler) yesterday and I will endeavour to post pictures and my thoughts on securing/packing up the big tools. I have 4 heavy duty pallets coming for the mill, sharpener, couple lathes etc. it will be fun!


Super User
Premium Member
It will be interesting to see how you manage the packing of the machines. Winter will definitely add a few challenges.


Ultra Member
Just an info thing from my past...I had a buddy involved in the heavy horse pulling sport and it was common for mules to pull against heavy horses....Mules weighted in around 2200 lbs per team and the mules would usually pull 1.5 times their body weight but the horses that often weighted in at 3000 lbs were lucky to pull their own weight.
I have seen mules just bear down when the reins are flipped and walk right through their harnesses but horses have to lunge to create enough power to go through their harness.
Stick with the "mule" instead of the stallion Brent LOL.