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Group Sourcing Metal Ideas


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Ok I’m in for a quarter and Kevin said he’d take 1/4 too. So I’ll say take half and I’ll square up with Kevin. That sounds like a complete 10’ order. If there are others interested then we would need maybe 4 more people.

Who can get there during business hours to pick up? We could meet at my place for a sawing party if desired. I would NOT get federal to saw they cut plus minus 4 inches. I’m near IKEA so not too far from federal and kind of central located.

Are you guys interested in adding 2” square solid to the order? I’d like some of that too.
I'm still interested in 5' each of 2" round and square. The rest of the suggested sizes I either have enough or it is cheap enough that I can buy 10' lengths when I need it.
Are we certain Federal sells 10 lengths?

The 2" squares pushes the bundle price to $582.50 tax in. I can swing 1/4 of that.

I'm only working 2-3 days per week these days, so I could pickup PROVIDED it fits in my truck. I have a box in the bed of my super cab. Looks like it's a good 1100# load to. I may need help with that.
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Please forgive my Senior's moment.

So I'm a little confused. I'm no longer sure what the order is, or if I'm still in, or out, or what.


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Something to consider, the hot rolled square that I bought had fairly large radius edges much like square tubing. When squared up you will lose ¼ to ½ inch.

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Please forgive my Senior's moment.

So I'm a little confused. I'm no longer sure what the order is, or if I'm still in, or out, or what.
Hey Dabbler,

The cold rolled idea fell through.

Currently Janger, Kevin D, BMW Rider, Brian Ross, and myself are discussion splitting up the following hot rolled from Federal.

2 section of square 1", 2" by 10' long
3 selections of Flat Bar 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 thick by 6" by 10' long
3 selections of Round 1" 1.5" 2" round 10' long
Kevin and I want 5’ each. So perhaps that leaves the 3 or 4 to split another 10’
Janger, thank you for clarifying. We are now back to the base package split between you, Kevin, BMW Rider and myself with you and Kevin splitting the 2" square.

Package pickup may be an issue. My truck won't handle 10' pieces. With the tailgate down 10' pieces still stick out another 3'. I have contacted Federal again, this time via email and asked for a quote for the material and delivery to SE Calgary. If they don't respond I'll call them. Maybe PM me your address. If it ends up being delivered it might as well go to the place where it will be cut down to size.

Where is the metal to be dropped off? My truck can handle 10ft pieces with no stick out with the gate down.

Does federal offer some discount for this group buy or is it just regular prices?
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Wow that is incredibly generous of you! I can most definitely make arrangements to come pick it up.. so greatly appreciated.. yes I’ll message you to discuss
Thank you again for this offer
Today was the day for Elise. Thanks for all the help everyone. And here are the photos!
Four Johns and Elise!