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Calgary & area meet up Spring 2024.


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I was thinking that the pork butts would be smoked ahead of time, but a slow cooker would be great too. It all depends on interest and budget. Otherwise, it's Kool-aid and no name potato chips

butts have gone up a bit, there are in the 26-35$ range now at wholesale club, so it would be 50 - 70 $ in pork....then buns/condiments, probably round out to 100$ easily

i imagine the burgers/buns/condiments/chips last year must have been that? or more

.....the last time i heard about people drinking kool-aid at a gathering it didnt turn out to well for them :oops:


I think April 20 is better for a number of reasons, not so much to help Dabbler, but giving more notice and anticipating better weather. That will make travel a lot easier if people want to come from out of town. And make the event more pleasant.
Date was pushed back to accommodate @Dabbler's trip east in March. @Janger please confirm.


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I am interested, can’t promise - what with being retired (now busier than ever ). I could present how to make jaws for a scroll chuck (i.e. typical 3J chuck with one piece jaws, when it gets to the auction house the second set of jaws is long gone). Like so many others, when it happened to me, the jaws it came with were the “outer grippers” (not sure what to call them). Anyway, I knuckled to and made two sets, even made them as two piecen(they are an odd ball size so any additional top jaws will be yet another project. Regardless it worked out well and the chuck gets regular use. There is good how to info on the internet - the back side curved teeth are pretty straightforward (like most things in life - “easy once you know how”).

Glad to share what I learned there. David


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Sorry didn't get back to you JustaDB, not sure as to timing yet, and a firm date/place. Dealing with an issue or 2 and trying to get a project finished and running, like may have to make a 9/16X12 left hand metal tap.
Make tools to make tools to fix tools to make a project to make tools to fix tool.
Tools maybe fools, not sure till done.


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I'm hoping to be back out West by that day. Gosh I hope so! :)

Current plan is to be home by the 13th.