Busy Bee knee Milling machine Mississauga On. $2500


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You've been busy, are you going with Craft-X white?

Did you have a look inside to see if it's one piece or is the tower bolted in place?
Paint color is similar to Craft-X white, it's actually called Silver-Grey, limited color selection at PA, should sort of match the Craftex Lathe about 5' away.

After your comment, I was curious about the one/two piece so I stuck my head in the opening with a flashlight and it is indeed two pieces just well hidden with bondo. The design of this mill appears unchanged 1989 - 2023, I guess it's a case of if it ain't broke don't fix it.

I need to look into the pump and wiring for the coolant, I have no idea if the tank is empty, full or somewhere in between and I don't want to spill its contents when I tilt it over for the trip to the basement. The Grizzly manual does not show the tank or pump, so I guess that's one obvious change from old to new. The tank is large filling most of the space in the base, must be close to 5 gallons. I should have paid more attention to the wiring upon disassembly, there is a small toggle switch on the post, I assumed that was for the light, but perhaps that's for the pump?
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Assuming the coolant tank was empty would have been a really messy experience, 3 gallons of the most putrid, slimy, coagulated oil (at least it didn't smell as bad as used gear oil). Tank is out, clean and likely in storage for my lifetime.

The terminator dolly.......
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Its a B048. I have the same mill. I bought mine in April 2009 for $3800. It came with a power feed on one axis and a coolant system. Busybee now sells the CX603 which looks like the same mill without the power feed or the coolant system.
Its a good machine I really like mine.
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I'm missing the bent quick quill lever and need to make one, the threads in the hub are not 100%, appears to be M12?

Can you please verify?


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I really don't know why they chose to use 1/2-12. However, I did find that 1/2-12 USED to be a standard American screw pitch:

Note 1, referenced from the table says
In the Unified Series the ½ inch size has 12 threads per inch, but the American Standard retains 13 threads per inch.

With enough searching, one could probably locate a 1/2-12 tap or die!