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milling machine

  1. M

    Emco f1-cnc GTA

    https://hibid.com/lot/200757415/emco-fi-cnc-mini-milling-machine-c-w-tooling?ref=lot-list think they got 3 for sale
  2. W

    WTB: Prvomajska Milling Machine

    Hi all, I'm looking for a Prvomajska ALG100 or ALG200 milling machine. Central Alberta would be great, but willing to have it shipped if needed. I just missed out on a machine out in ON and I regret that I didn't see it earlier! Please let me know what you have. (Picture of a Prvomajska ALG100...
  3. opensourcefan

    WTB - Bench Mill

    Need something with more substantial in all regards compared to my mini 4x16. Preferably 110v but single phase 220 okay as well. 6" ish Y travel, 16"+ X travel Min 1000w motor Variable or multi speed Prefer MT3 but R8 is fine as well Fwd and reverse Vintage or recent. I've been looking at...
  4. N

    Wanted milling machine

    Looking for a knee mill or something that is not just a toy. Hopefully in Saskatchewan.
  5. M

    FOR SALE: Mini mill and Tool & Cutter grinders

    I am a retired manual machinist. I started my shop in the early 1980s. The following items are available, as well as smaller hand tools and instruments, and many lathe chucks and lathe accessories (and larger 3 phase machines not suitable for home hobbyists). All machines are under power. All...
  6. Philipopito

    What's you guys favorite site/shop to buy machinery?

    Hello fellas, I was wondering what was your favorite site/shop to buy metal machinery (lathe, mill...) I've found the site Travers and Grainger but I can't seem to find any other good supplier that offers something other than King Canada stuff. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Q

    Machine How to sell milling machine

    I am totally new here so I hope I am allowed to ask this. I am retiring and selling all my tools and machinery etc. I had a small manufacturing business. I have a Cincinnati Toolmaster 9" x 42" vertical milling machine (the manual says publication No M-1941) and an old Crompton Parkinson grinder...
  8. Nesh559

    looking for a vertical mill

    hi i just moved and finally have a garage of my own to work in. im looking for a mill anywhere from benchtop to full size. let me know if youve got one or know someone that is looking to sell one. im located in kelowna bc but im willing to travel or pay for freight. thanks
  9. Billy

    looking for a knee mill

    Not interested in a "Kent milling machine" Other than that if you have one please let me know, otherwise, I'll be "forced" lol to buy a new cx603. I live in Saskatoon but could road trip to AB for the right fit.
  10. Alex A.

    Selling Kent USA 3HP Turret Milling machine - $10K OBO

    Selling my Dad's baby ... Model 2VS variable speed head -**** $7K OBO **** - updated price purchased at Modern Tool new about 15 years ago for ~$18K - Meticulous owner. 3 phase and includes phase converter X direction power feed Table 42” x 9” 3 axis DRO X direction power feed Power down feed...