metal lathe

  1. opensourcefan

    WTB: Standard Modern Lathe 9",10",11" short bed.

    If anyone has one or knows of one for sale that could somehow end up on the West Coast that would be great. I'll arrange freight if need be. I need an OCD project and am ready to move on from my current China lathe. thxs
  2. P

    Mill and Lathe for sale

    Bought during the pandemic and unable to afford to keep them now. I'm really sad to have to sell these but unable to store/use them. Located an hour and a half east of Toronto. --- For Sale --- Craftex CT043 Lathe + all bits and kit MTW MD001 Mill + all bits and kit Will supply more pictures...
  3. KeeponDragon

    Craftex CT089 13" x 24"

    craftex lathe on fb marketplace
  4. JReimer

    Vintage Lathe - What is it??

    Hi, I am returning / new to metal work and recently found a good deal on a vintage metal lathe that I want to restore and start using. It was working for the guy who sold it to me but he had taken it all apart for transport. I want to restore the lathe and do some much needed maintenance. The...
  5. darrin1200

    Hello from Ontario

    I would just like to introduce myself and say hello. I just want to start by saying what fabulous support this site has. For whatever reason, I could not receive my confirmation email to set up my account. After a couple of hours back and forth, last night, John finally got me all set up. Thank...
  6. J

    SM 9x24 metal lathe for sale $3500

    I am picking up a new lathe at Modern Tool in Edmonton in the first week of June. Could deliver. Please email Standard Modern 9x24 metal lathe #2331, Manual included, former high school lathe, owned for 25 years 160mm(6”) three jaw chuck, 1.5”-8tpi cast iron backplate...