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metal lathe

  1. KeeponDragon

    Craftex CT089 13" x 24"

    craftex lathe on fb marketplace
  2. JReimer

    Vintage Lathe - What is it??

    Hi, I am returning / new to metal work and recently found a good deal on a vintage metal lathe that I want to restore and start using. It was working for the guy who sold it to me but he had taken it all apart for transport. I want to restore the lathe and do some much needed maintenance. The...
  3. darrin1200

    Hello from Ontario

    I would just like to introduce myself and say hello. I just want to start by saying what fabulous support this site has. For whatever reason, I could not receive my confirmation email to set up my account. After a couple of hours back and forth, last night, John finally got me all set up. Thank...
  4. J

    SM 9x24 metal lathe for sale $3500

    I am picking up a new lathe at Modern Tool in Edmonton in the first week of June. Could deliver. Please email maxwelljames56@gmail.com. Standard Modern 9x24 metal lathe #2331, Manual included, former high school lathe, owned for 25 years 160mm(6”) three jaw chuck, 1.5”-8tpi cast iron backplate...