1. KeeponDragon

    Craftex CT089 13" x 24"

    craftex lathe on fb marketplace
  2. Donald Mearns

    Machine CX 601 saga continues!

    So one can only imagine my excitement when the electrical box was returned and I picked it up from the post office this morning. Wired everything as required, the techs having idiot proofed the wiring with lots of labels. I also had my own pictures as well as an extensive collection of photos...
  3. Donald Mearns

    New CX 601 Mill

    Hi, Just received my CX601 from Busy Bee. I live in Nunavut so it’s been a long wait for it to make it here on sealift. After carefully setting it up in a purpose built extension to my shop I was hugely disappointed that it would not run. I ran all the checks as per the troubleshooting advice...
  4. N

    Intro from the East Coast

    Hi from Nova Scotia. I recently joined this forum in the hopes of connecting with other Canadian enthusiasts. I have a wide array of interests and have gravitated towards machining, welding and fabrication in the past few years. I recently acquired a Crafted B2227L 10 x 18 Lathe and was hoping...
  5. RRSpeed92

    Craftex CX600 Motor Problems

    Hello, So I purchased a Craftex CX600 back on August 28, 2017. My machine has become nothing but a nightmare. In this short time I have had the following happen, 1. Motor failed. It all checked out good when measuring resistance. The magnets were still fixed to the case. I tried new bearings...
  6. M

    Craftex CT089

    Hi Guys, I have the Craftex CT089 13x24" metal lathe from busy bee. Im having a few issues. Firstly, the tailstock doesn't seem to want to center properly. It has an adjustment on it to move it in our out, but the issue i have it that it kind of "twists" on the bed when you apply the cam...