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WTB: Atlas 10-F lathe Hor. Countershaft Assy


I've just acquired an Atlas 10 inch metal lathe but it is missing the countershaft assembly. It is a model TH-54 so I understand it requires the horizontal style countershaft assembly, like this:

Horizontal Countershaft Assembly.jpg

As well, I would need a motor pulley (10-428 with either 1/2" or 5/8" bore), and both of the guard covers (10-18 and 10F-28).

Anybody have an orphan countershaft just hanging around? ;)

I'm located in Oakville, ON.
It wouldn’t be hard to make something up.
I don't weld so that would make it tougher. Not sure how easy it would be to get the matching 4-step pulley opposite the one in the headstock. Also, the mechanism to engage/disengage the belts would be a tad tricky to get right.

Other than that, piece of cake! ;)

Many thanks to TOBARApprentice, I now have virtually the parts I need to get the lathe running again. Incredibly generous both with the parts and showing me around his awesome, albeit tiny, shop.

BTW, we were talking about the 9-109 needle bearings in the countershaft. I stopped in at my favourite bearing supply place on the way home, and the answer was a definite no. But, it made me wonder about just pressing in an oilite bearing. If I understand correctly, the shaft always turns slower than the motor so maybe a max of 1,150 RPM? I think a bronze bearing could stand that for a long time. Just have to drill an oil hole through the 9-109 bearing race and give it a couple of drops with each use?