What I've been waiting for... (maybe)


I've been waiting for a CoreXY [printer for some time, and even contemplated building a Voron or VEZbot. I'm sure I'd never finish the homebuilt before I got distracted and never got back to it. (such is ADHD).


Creality has released its new K1.

What it ISN'T: a fixed CR5. Or a reworked Bambu P1P. And not a walled garden like the Bambu.

What it is:

Die cast CoreXY frame. Klipper. maxes out at 600mm/sec (so they say). Passible benchy at 15-17 minutes. materials up to ASA. Totally enclosed. A lot of goodies, including a touch screen.


Small size (220X220X250mm
included build plate not very good, but the double sided textured plate for the Ender will work fine.
Wifi not working yet
2 reviewers have had hot end breaking at the heat break.


If they work out the kinks with this printer , at 600$US it might get me to pull the trigger and buy it!


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220x220x250 is an ok build size, don't let that scare you off, I have a 300x300 and a 330x330, and other than filling up the build plate with a bunch of small stuff, I doubt I have ever printed something that needed more than 200x200

What does it have for a Build plate? Textured glass?


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That's a pretty good deal for what you're getting. I too have always wanted to build a voron, but will admit this one actually has me interested.


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From the reviews, No thanks, I will let the guinea pigs solve its 1001 issues. Like creality is famous for.
I will continue to use my Ender 5 S1 until the bambu lawsuit settles ( creality loves to copy ), This is just my guess lol

Thanks for posting