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Welding carts & compressed gases


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.......and just like that; the cart thread is derailed again.
You guys lose focus so easily. :D

That is OK. I just renamed the thread so all good now......

Sometimes, one just has to roll with it. ;)

But as to the cart part of this tale, I made the drawer yesterday. Mostly square...it was another opportunity to experiment with the welder. Gotta admit, I can see the benefits of the pulse function. Helps my welds look better than I am.


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Last photo. This project...the welding cart, ;)... is complete!

Unless I can find a piece of diamond checker plate for a drawer front but for now, the drawer is in and done and that is the last part, I think, for now....maybe a nice rack for the foot pedal, but then it will be done....:)



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