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VFD Altivar31 fast brake


Well-Known Member
I finally get around to installing a braking resistor for my mill that uses a Alivar31 VFD

I find the brake settings somewhat confusing, the manual states that some settings get hidden when a feature is disabled, so this might be part of it.

I did manage to change the setting stt to FSt (for fast stop) and it does stop faster about 3x faster about 1 s from max RPM but not as fast as my drill press.

Not sure (yet):
1) if I need to use DC injection stop instead of FSt? I tried but it did not seem to work at all, but perhaps the other DC injection settings need to be tweaked?
2) also not obvious to me if tdC Total DC injection braking time needs to be longer, default is 0.5s,

Anyone play with the braking settings on a Altivar31?

Have you set bRa to NO?

Manual shows that parameter is incompatible with braking resistor usage. Page 44 of ATV31 manual from SE corporate site.

Access by FUN- —> rpc- —> bRa.

Good luck!