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Tormach PCNC1100 CNC Milling Machine (Surrey, BC)


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For Sale: Tormach PCNC1100 CNC Milling Machine. This machine has been used a lot and is not in great cosmetic condition but as far as I can tell is still in good working condition. It includes a lot of accessories, some of which are not working or in unknown condition. I am selling this setup because I am moving and can’t take it with me, I also have access to a better machine at work. Speaking of, you are probably going to want to rent a truck with a lift gate to move this beast, it’s in a garage surrounded by lawn, not even a driveway.

I would like to sell everything together instead of parting out. Here is what is included:
  • Tormach PCNC1100 Series 1 CNC Mill (5k RPM spindle, “manual” oiler, manual drawbar, coolant pump, requires 240V power, you might want to replace the X-Axis stepper motor cable)
  • Stand and Acrylic Enclosure (some parts are likely missing from the enclosure)
  • Computer, keyboard, mouse, and monitor with Mach3 and Lathe Control Software installed
  • USB Jog Shuttle Controller
  • 8” 4th Axis motorized rotary table, tailstock, and 4-jaw chuck (in unknown condition, some parts look to be missing, I have tested the stepper motor and it is functioning)
  • Probe (broken, not just the probe tip, it has issues)
  • Kurt II Vise (6” I think)
  • Tool Setter (seems to work properly)
  • Tormach Duality Lathe, 3-jaw chuck, and tailstock (manual mode works, missing cable for CNC control but machine recognizes the lathe and reads out the RPM correctly)
  • Set of lathe tool-holders and a few tools but not many
  • Approx 10 Tormach TTS tool-holders and 2 drill chucks
  • Not much in the way of actual tooling but a few end mills
  • Parallel bars set, dial indicator, t-slot clamping kit
  • I have digital copies of the user manuals
Please let me know if you have any questions, I’ll do my best to answer promptly but am a bit busy at the moment.

Located in South Surrey, BC

Price: make me an offer


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Did they find it on the forum? If not tell them to join us here! Need more CNC'ers.