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Tool box organization

What would you guys use for just a tool box drawer liner? For the bottom of the drawers

Where or how do you guys keep drill bits organized? Hole saws? Reamers?

I’m thinking a separate small tool box with drawers for drill bits and holesaws
For drawer liner, try the dollar store. You can get thin rubber drawer liner 3-4 feet long by about 18 inches wide for a couple of bucks. Way cheaper than the stuff that is sold for tool box drawer liner.
For organizing drills, I made a bunch of wooden troughs that I cut up and glued together. This is a picture of the fractional and letter drills:

There is a space for every size (though quite a few are empty) and there is another drawer for number drills. This was my effort to organize a bunch of drills I got from my wife's uncle who was an aircraft mechanic and acquired a lot of drills over the years.
Ok, drawer liner wasn’t that expensive. $10 for a 2’x4’ piece.

Ordered in a small tool chest 20”x15”x8” with four drawers for small stuff.

I’m thinking I’m going to pull out some of the injection moulded cases of tools that don’t really need to be in a drawer.

They make a drawer divider kit, but I’m thinking I can make up my own with some aluminum flat stock


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I ordered these a few days ago from DMH supply. Not essential but good for running manual machines without a DRO They both have magnetic backs so I can stick them to the ways and meashure tool movement
I have had DMH’s web page open on my phone for a couple of months now, i was going to ask the forum if they had and experience with them, like prices?, service? Availability? Can you share?


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DMH carries Sowa catalog items http://www.sowatool.com/
plus accesses other specific lines depending on what they are - cutters vs tools vs measurement instruments. Kind of like a Thomas Skinner Lite.
Some things are more, some things less $. I've had good customer service for the few things I've purchased through them. Its worth a visit to grab some catalogs because the website (beyond Sowa) inst really reflective of what they can bring in.

Alex when you say deliver - I assume you mean to your machine shop?