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CA-ON Today's "new" steel prices - ptbo, on area



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Metal Supermarkets used to have cutoffs too. Have they stopped doing that?

It depends on the location since they’re a franchise. The Stoney Creek one used to have a bin by the cash for hot and cold rolled cut offs at I think 50 cents a pound. They had some other cut offs (stainless, aluminum and alloy steel) up front too that sometimes you could work out a deal on.


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It depends on the location since they’re a franchise.

I use the one in London. They used to have a big rack at the front of the store with most everything there. But I have not been since Covid.

There is also a new Metal Supermarket store in Windsor but it's not very convenient to get to for me.

I'll call them both on Monday and get an update. I might order some stock too.


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If anyone is in the Barrie (Ontario) area (60 miles / 100 Km north of Toronto) there is a "scrap/new/used" metal place I frequent. I believe it is $1.25 per pound. It is hit and miss what they have on the racks but I can usually come home with some treasure. They always have bar, pipe, round steel, sometime alumium sheet, used tooling etc. The place is called Automatic Tool Sales (now it is Automatic Steel and Metals) on John Street. It used to be the General Tire plant and quite large behind the scenes.


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Hi @smanzer
I see you are a new member.
Welcome to the Forum. It’s a great bunch that like to share ideas and help each other by sharing metal working experience.
Thanks for the tip on Automatic Steel. I’m guessing you live in the Barrie area. Have a look at the thread that announced our April 6th meetup in Newmarket. Hope you can attend.
Thanks for the heads up and the welcome! Yes, I am between Barrie and Orillia. I have been slowly learning and tooling up, and enjoying it emensely! It is nice to have a place to see like minded people and what they are able to do. Thanks again, Steven


My brother & I are regulars at Kawartha Metals. I'm usually in Ptbo, once a week, so I pick up my order while I'm in town. If I can't get stock @ KM, Metals Plus in Whitby usually have it.

If you need alum' or steel sheet cut to size, JDM Industrial on Jamieson (more or less behind KM) will shear to your requirements.

My brother has at times dealt w/ Central Steel Works. I'm not surewhy.

I have no knowledge of any scrap yards in the area that sell usable mat'l. I take my scrap to Triple M a couple of times a years& I haven't noticed any stockpile of stock.


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Here in Calgary, MSM is unstable for cut-offs.

For instance, I tried to buy a 4" SS tube, 3/16 thick, 4" long for my scrap bin. they wanted 35$ for it - that's over 15$ per lb. That time it felt like they were charging what they could get away with, not what it was worth. I would have been happy to pay 3.25 per lb, which is what SS was going for at the time.