The British pound, British machine tools, small spaces and die filers.


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Yup. 3M even made an adhesive specifically for abrasive papers. I think they still do, but Google is not cooperating. Its kind of old school autobody & woodworking before PSA & Velcro backed came along. Last time I stumbled on it was like $45 or something crazy. I was considering it for my sticks because you don't really remove the adhesive, just peel it off, paint another strip of paper, press it on & away you go. There are more aggressive spray or contact adhesives, right up to like what they use in cloth/upholstery. No problem hanging on, but a lot more effort to remove.

That's why I am kind of cool to die filers in general. For sure I would like one & where it shines is finishing enclosed inside contours, although that looks to be kind of a pita unhooking the top end. I don't see any quick connect cam tension mechanisms like scroll saws. A belt grinder is confined to outside peripheral surfaces. But you can change 'grit' on a belt grinder in 5 seconds & be on your way, can orient the table to angles, use attachments... Clearly the only solution is to have one of each LOL


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