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Southern Alberta Members?


Very nice large shop - you could not go that big in Calgary. My garage is max without special development permit -i.e. 800 sqft.

Need to add some more heavy iron to your setup - you have plenty of space!

I'm "sort of" maxed out now. It's based on a percentage of your property area (10%). I could have gone to THE max of 2100 (vs my 1650), but then the new stupid foundation laws they imposed would have kicked in. Anything over (I want to say 1073) means the foundation cost would have almost doubled (!) as the footers get huge, deeper, etc. -- and it was a HUGE bill already!! Just to get to the "parking pad" phase ended up being just over $20K. That does include the engineers drawings for the building, the excavation, forming, etc.

Main regrets now are going long and narrow. I should have made the whole place an "L", so the addition was more of a square than a rectangle. And the second one was where I positioned the hoist (at least I can (gag) change that!). Should have been 20ft closer to the other end.

Oh, and as for more machinery.... ummm... Still have my blast cabinet to move in (I'll show that later), and MUCH more shuffling to do. It's already getting tight in there. I really don't have much space left!

Tom Kitta

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In Calgary the max I think is 800 sq ft plus has to be smaller then the house plus both buildings cannot occupy I believe more then 40% of the land. all pads I believe above 500sq ft need engineering drawing. Mine cost I think $200 or $250. Same price for all pads till I think 1600 sq ft or so. The pad cost me around $10k. But when I was making the concrete pour it was hottest day of the year and my floor is more or less garbage. 10k - so half the size for half the $. My concrete pad is inverse U design.

My main regret is the floor. God its terrible. Second is the door. There is no need for 16x9 ft door. Even insulated door is not as good as a wall. I am loosing half the heat through that huge door. When its -30C I definitely regret the door.

Not matter how much space you have its easy to just fill it in. Maybe with aircraft size hangar it would be hard to fill it in.

Brian Ross

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Tom, I'm not sure how the city decides what is ok and what is not. When we did a reno about 10 years ago I wanted to make a two story garage so I would have more room for wood working and storage on the second floor. Couldn't get a development permit for that because 2 story garages aren't allowed. But the neighbour across the alley has a 2 story garage. So we tried to get a 34' by 32' garage approved (that is about as big as would fit). That was also denied because the limit is 800 ft^2 so we ended up with about 31' x 26'. There is someone about a block away that has an extended 3-car garage that is certainly much larger than 800 ft^2. I don't know if people just build without getting a development permit.

In the case of the 2 story, it is old and probably didn't have a permit but the 3-car garage is about the same age as ours.

Tom Kitta

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Rules are based on the year the garage or home is build - so people in the 1970s were approved to build garages that were very tall - current limit of 9ft didn't apply back then.

The 34x32 garage is bigger then 800 sq ft. So to build it you would need to apply for *development* permit not building permit. Dev permit requires consultation with neighbors. But even for that you need to satisfy 40% (if I remember correctly) building rule of coverage of land. I.e. you cannot cover all your land with buildings.

For example I could build also 34x32 on my land as it would satisfy 40% rule but didn't want to wait for development permit process.

800 sq ft garage is also known as 3 car garage. Not sure how old the 800sq ft rule is.


Been a very long time that I have been here on this site. I haven't been doing much in the way of machining. I have been focusing on getting my old car ready to move to the back shelter as the one in the front has to be taken down by the end of the month - the permit ends then.
My area that I use for machining is shared by my vehicles in the winter and when I need to work on. It's a 14X26 garage. Not a large area by any means (364 sq feet) but I have been able to do some machining in that area. Just have to get creative sometimes. I should be able to get back at it in the near future as I am retiring next week and won't have to be at work all day long anymore - at the work place anyway! Time to clean up and organize.
I don't get have all that often but would like to be able to meet those in this "local" area. I can be reached by email at: btw_alta@telusplanet.net


Parts that I designed and machined to be a part of my trike.


  • Carb adaptor corner view.JPG
    Carb adaptor corner view.JPG
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  • Subaru trike shift mechanism rear view.JPG
    Subaru trike shift mechanism rear view.JPG
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  • Wheel adaptor mounted on Subaru hub.JPG
    Wheel adaptor mounted on Subaru hub.JPG
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I'm a new member here as well. I live in Tilley Alberta and have a nice hobby shop at home. I mostly build knives but done lots of bigger projects in my shop. Also build a 25' fishing boat about 14 years ago in it as well.
IMG_1257.jpeg IMG_0262.jpeg IMG_1278.jpeg IMG_1277.jpeg IMG_1276.jpeg IMG_9263.jpeg



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Errrr…... How many drill presses does a guy need?

NICE Boat!!!! There is a member on this site that runs a steam powered boat about that size.


Errrr…... How many drill presses does a guy need?

NICE Boat!!!! There is a member on this site that runs a steam powered boat about that size.
Im building liner lock folders and its a pain in the a$$ to keep changing drill bits, countersinks, taps etc. Nice to have the extra drills to speed up process.

Marc Moreau

Marc Moreau
Just went through a bunch of my pics, and realized what a crappy collection I have! Really need to take a few more.

Well, here's an external shot of the long side. Anyone an ace at doing siding? That's next on the list now that it's warming up (structure construction got finished up mid November just as the temperature was dropping).
It's 26' across the back, and 62' front to back.
I'll post some interior, and of course machine shots later.
View attachment 5135
My garage is 24x32 I would like your more space .I will probably put more stuff on it , very nice.


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I see you have the smaller king Canada mill drill. What is the model number on that one? I know they have 2 small ones. You had called it the grizzly 0704 but what is the king canada model? thanks
Went and took a few shots inside. Please excuse the disaster area!
It's just me out there, and I've been tackling it all myself. When the builder was 'done', I was just left with bare stud walls, and open ceiling rafters. That's where I started to build up from.

All the paneling in there is 5/8 plywood (can't tell you how nice it is to be able to screw anything anywhere on a wall!). Full sheets on the bottom, then 1/2 sheets up top. OMG is that stuff heavy!
Floor is 2 part epoxy (it's usually white!).
All LED lighting. 12x 4' fixtures. 5K (pure white). 3800 lumens each. All combined, they only draw 3.8A (super efficient).
Just finished up the last of the wiring today (whew!!!). You can see it all, it's the exposed AC90/BX up top there.

Here's (some) of the hardware:
View attachment 5147
Busy Bee 12*24 (mid 80's?)

View attachment 5148
Cheapie King Canada 4*6 bandsaw

View attachment 5149
G0704 converted to CNC mill (somewhat dismantled still!)

View attachment 5150
Older ITC drill press (VFD off the right side)

View attachment 5151
Manual G0704 mill

View attachment 5152
Powder coating setup

View attachment 5153
Anyone need fuel injectors cleaned and flow tested??

View attachment 5154
And.... the giant mess!!
I'm almost embarrassed to post this one...
(I hadn't even swept up!)
There's about 25ft still behind me where I'm standing.
Has an 80Kbtu heater on the ceiling off to my left.

So yeah - it's a work in progress. Gotta get rid of some stuff, put up more cabinets & shelves on the walls.

Marc Moreau

Marc Moreau
I see you have the smaller king Canada mill drill. What is the model number on that one? I know they have 2 small ones. You had called it the grizzly 0704 but what is the king canada model? thanks
That's a nice garage mine is 24x32 I would like have one like that.


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It is good to see a fellow pilot turning metal. We ought to get a group together to compare projects and learn from each other when the restrictions are lifted.