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Hey guys, this is a bit off topic, but as a bunch of fellow knife lovers are in here I thought I would tell you about the experience I've had with Slice & Dice in Jasper.

So a friend of mine was going on a trip to Jasper so I told him to check out Slice & Dice. He went, liked the guy, loved the knives, and bought a folder and two t-shirts. Came home very happy and proceeded to show me his knife and tell me all about it. It was made in Canada, it was a beautiful design, it was great. Here's a screen-capture of the knife on his website:

Notice the description where it says that it is his newest creation, and takes lots of machining. Well, my friend recently noticed a very similar looking knife on instagram, and after a bit of looking around the internet he found numerous photos, videos, and reviews of Russian and Chinese made knives. The knives he found are exactly the same as the one he bought from Slice and Dice. Not similar, not almost identical, I'm talking a carbon-copy. Right down to the colour and texture of the scales, the heads of the screws, the shape of the blade, liners, lock, clip, etc. They have "D2" (the type of steel used in the blade) laser-etched on the blade in the SAME font. The logo is even in the same spot and put on with the same type of laser, just his logo instead of theirs.

I talked to Slice & Dice about this over Facebook Messenger. He danced around the questions, claimed that his was "1.26mm" bigger overall (still does not make it his own design), said that he buys the screws... Turns out that his Facebook page is set up as a "Community" so that you can't actually leave proper reviews, I started talking to him tonight and he already pulled the knife off his webpage and said that he was going to change the description to "avoid confusion"... I am not happy about this. Selling merchandise that is unoriginal and made in China is fine, the knife even feels like decent quality. But claiming that it is your own design and that it's Canadian made when he clearly orders them from China with his logo etched on?

Anyways, I thought I would let you guys know so that you don't get caught by this. Sorry if this doesn't read very well, I've been messaging back and forth with him and my buddy all night and am pretty annoyed/tired. If you guys want to see our whole back and forth conversation let me know and I can send it to you or post it here so you can make your own decisions.

I hate to tear down a company, especially a Canadian one, but this clearly made me pretty mad. Sorry for the rant, guys. Hope this isn't too off base.


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Sorry to bring up an old topic, but this still pisses me off (NEVER piss off a ginger) and I actually have receive two messages from people regarding
Slice & Dice Knives Premium Quality Products ( ) since I posted about them that I would also like to share here. (One came in today, in fact) So, for your reading pleasure:

Dano from Edson wrote today (19/11/2016)

"Hey I seen you're post on the slice and dice FB page! The guy is a fraud! He worked for me as an electrician when he started the "knife" thing he was importing these knives into Canada and selling them to the general public at a 500+% profit! Check out Alibabba . Com for some of his other "look a likes"

and @Doc Brown through this site said

"He did tout it as hand made. Being a local of Jasper I will assure you this news will travel around town fast.
Just wanted to say thank you! You saved me after unkowenly making a $250 mistake.

I bought the same knife in the picture earlier today. It felt nice in the hand and not bad quality. Didn't really look at it too much in store. Decided I'd drop the 250 on it.

When I got home and looked at it a little closer. The fit and finish didn't seem up to par with other knives of similar price. Then I started noticing hints of mass production.

Hit the net right away and found your post. Did a bit more research and indeed this knife sells for 35usd on the net.

I returned the knife right away to the store and got a cash refund. Only citing that my wife was pissed for spending too much. Didn't want to call the guy out when he's in arms reach of a number of knives lol"

and later wrote

"He did tout it as hand made. Being a local of Jasper I will assure you this news will travel around town fast.
I actually found a few more knives he was selling in store, online at drastically cheaper prices." Beyer slice and dice
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